The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1444

No matter what it was, Alex was still William’s son, and William was her man, which meant she was basically Alex’s mother. So, it was obvious that Susan felt the need to defend him.

“Freya, saying that makes you truly arbitrary. Even though Alex raised a Japanese female general ghost, you can’t slander him like that. He’s very determined.”

“So what?! ” Freya sneered. “Look at him, he looks undisciplined and is sluggish from head to toe. And he doesn’t even have a cultivation base. He’s a mere mortal, and if we follow him into the tomb, we’d be dead before we even get inside! He’s incapable, and he’s raising a female ghost? Hmph, the fact that this female ghost has yet eaten him, I’m afraid it has other plans in store for him!”

The woman made no secret of the contempt she felt, boldly displaying it on her face.

To her, it was as though Alex was but a lump of mud on the ground.

She extended her hand and said, “Give me the artifact in your hand. Leaving it in your hands is a waste of resources! For William’s sake, I won’t trouble you any longer, and I’ll even deal with this ghost general for you for free. Consider it as saving your life! As for looking for clues of your father in the tomb, you’d be better off giving up that intention. You won’t have the Chance to in your entire life.”

Kenneth opened his mouth, but nothing came out in the end.

Caught by Alex when he was midair, he now knew that Alex’s cultivation in martial arts was definitely at a high level. He was perhaps even a Grandmaster… But now, it would be ridiculous to think as such. How could there be such a young Grandmaster? It was most likely the female ghost who had done it.

“If you want the Stake of Exorcism in my hands, let’s see if you can take it from rue,” Alex said calmly.

“Hmph! Do you think a ghost general can stand up to me? If she dares to come out, I will wipe her out with a single finger!” Once Freya was done speaking, she rushed forward with a vigorous step, reaching out to take a swipe at the Stake of Exorcism.

In her mind, Alex was a weak chicken with no cultivation base. To grab the Stake of Exorcism was childsplay.

Alex shook his hand, however, and Freya realized that not only did she fail to grab it, but Alex had even dodged her.

“Too slow!” Alex chuckled.

“What? He managed to dodge it?!”

Freya was stunned for a moment, but when she saw Alex’s expression, blinding rage coursed through her veins, and she lashed out once again.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

“Too slow!”

“Really slow!”

“You’re still too slow! Tsk, tsk… Woman, you sure boast a lot, but your strength is still not good enough. Your speed is nowhere as fast as that little high school girl. If this is really your strength, you’ll never get the Stake of Exorcism! You can also forget about taking my ghost servant away.” Alex dodged Freya’s four consecutive grabs with a relaxed and casual stance, constant sarcasm spilling from his mouth, returning all the aggrieved points she had pointed out about him.

Freya was shocked. She couldn’t understand. Alex obviously didn’t look like he had any cultivation base. How could he have moved at such high speed?

However, his words embarrassed her deeply, causing her fury to reach its peak. If she didn’t teach Alex a lesson, it would be an embarrassment to the Exorcist Dragons.

Her face changed, and she prepared to launch her ultimate move.

“May all those who preside over warriors be my vanguard!”

Alex watched as she yelled the words, forming seals with both of her hands.

All nine seals were now completed.

Susan frowned, a little worried. “Alex, this is the Nine Symbol Incantation of the Exorcist Dragons. It’s unbeatable! You should retreat! ”

Freya sneered. “Wanting to retreat now? It’s too late!”

The twelve marks on her hands blasted toward Alex’s body.

For an instant, Alex felt a strange energy falling on his body… It was a type of sealing technique several times more advanced and powerful than the one she threw on the Stake of Exorcism. The energy seemed to be able to restrain his body, rendering him unable to move. His limbs became extremely stiff, as though solidified by glue.


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