The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1448

Zayne York clasped his fist and said to Alex, “I want someone from Young Master Alex.”

“A person?” Alex was stunned. “Who?”

“Quincy Zoppins!”

Alex couldn’t remember who it was at that moment, and it was Susan who had to remind him that Quincy had been nicknamed Clown and that he was among those who returned safely from the tomb with William. However, because he had been reselling some cultural relics, he got arrested by people from the Divine Constabulary.

Now, Alex recalled who it was.

Clown had tried to kidnap Daya, dragging her to sea on a boat, only to have Alex abolish his cultivation base and throw him to the Divine Constabulary for interrogation.

Looking at Zayne’s expressions, it was possible that he didn’t know that Clown’s imprisonment was related to Alex.

Alex was calm as he asked, “What is the relationship between Clown and yourself, Mr. York?”

Zayne replied, “He is my junior. We studied under the same master. I learned the ways of the Drifters while he learned the ways of the Abstracts.”

“Ah, so it’s like that. But, it’s not easy to get people out of the Divine Constabulary’s prison.”

“That’s why it’ll all depend on Young Master Alex’s abilities. If you can’t even do this, then how could we dare hand over our lives to your hands and descend into the tomb with you?”

Alex studied him deeply.

The man gave him a feeling of profound mystery. However, to enter a magical mausoleum like Caesar’s Tomb, and the fact that there was a key in there that could open the door to another universe, which by itself was naturally extraordinary, he would need the talents these people had.

The ones too mediocre would only serve to drag him down if they followed him. They would be better off if they didn’t follow him at all.

“Alright, I agree. You can wait for news from me, Mr. York. But, I can be honest with you now. Your j unior’s cultivation base has been abolished, and the one who did it was me.”


Zayne stood up at once, the aura around his body rising aggressively as a burst of bloodline energy poured out, pushing against Alex.

He was actually a half-stepped Grandmaster and had hidden his real strength. And, this was his strength without taking into
consideration his innate bloodline.

However, Alex didn’t feel the slightest discomfort under the pressure. He sat calmly and relaxed in the chair. He was also holding a cup of tea, drinking slowly from it.

Even the water in the teacup didn’t ripple.

He said calmly, “Don’t be so surprised. That junior of yours was behaving badly, wanting to kidnap my wife to steal her mental power. The fact that I didn’t kill him should be considered as kindness beyond the law.”

Zayne gave him a deep look, the trembling in his heart way more severe than on his face. Most people would have been forced to their knees from the pressure of his aura, but not only had Alex withstood it, but he still maintained his relaxed posture, as though it was nothing. It proved that Alex’s strength was far beyond his own, and that was an unfathomable thought.

Zayne sighed. “My junior does indeed need to go to the extreme.”

Alex nodded- “But there’s also no need for you to despair. An abolished energy core is nothing to me, and I can help him recover. The most important point here is to prove that you can indeed help me. Otherwise, I can still take back his cultivation.”

Zayne nodded. “ I promise.”

Alex hummed in agreement, then looked at the time.

Half an hour or so had passed since they started, so he pointed toward Freya and said, “Since we have, I’ll help you solve that issue with your brain. But, this needs to be done in the bathtub. Do you mind if the others watch from the side?”


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