The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2370

Chapter 2370 

Waylon greeted him with a handshake. “Mr. Warren, sorry to have kept you waiting.” 

Herald waved his hand. “Nah, we’ve just started. Come, let me introduce you to some of my business partners.” 

Herald led Waylon to several older men and introduced him enthusiastically, “All of them 

have certain levels of cooperation with Dominic Constructions. This is Mr. Nixon Weeber, Mr. Torres Xanthos, and Mr. Mallon Holland.” 

Waylon nodded to each of them. 

Nixon laughed. “I’ve always wanted to meet the second heir of the Goldmanns. Now that I get to meet you in person, you look as impressive as rumors have it. As expected of the son of the legendary Nolan Goldmann.” 

Waylon responded modestly, “You’re flattering me, Mr. Weeber.” 

Nixon sighed. “If not for the fact that you’re already unavailable and occupied, I’d definitely introduce my daughter to you.” 

Torres added, “Isn’t there another young heir? Mr. Goldmann’s elder brother? He must look a lot like Mr. Goldmann.” 

Waylon picked up the wine glass on the table and chuckled without saying a word. 

At that moment, a voice came from behind. “Dad.” 

Waylon placed the mouth of the wine glass against his lips and froze for a split second. 

‘This woman, it’s Minzy Holland.‘ 

Mallon asked, “Why are you here?” 

Minzy stopped beside him and said, “I’ve come to take a look around.” 

Her gaze then landed on Waylon, and she was slightly startled. 

Mallon introduced her to Waylon. “This is Coleman Goldmann, the second young heir of the Goldmanns. We’re talking about business.” 

Waylon nodded, drank his wine unhurriedly, and did not answer. 

Minzy took a closer look at him and could not take her eyes off him for a long time until Mallon reminded her of something. That was when she finally recovered from a trance and said, “It turns out that the second son and the eldest son do look very alike. I almost took you for your elder brother. I’m sorry about that, Mr. Goldmann.” 

When Nixon heard this, his interest was piqued. “Ms. Holland, have you ever met the eldest heir of the Goldmanns?” 

Minzy replied with a smile, “I’ve been fortunate enough to meet him while I was on the East Islands.” 

The others got even more curious, especially those who had not met Waylon in person. Waylon casually glanced at the wine glass in his hand. It was quite interesting to listen to others talk about him when he was standing right in front of them. 

Minzy turned her head, and her gaze was fixed on him for some time as she sank deeper into her thoughts. 

Waylon was not interested in the wine party. He had only come on behalf of his younger brother. Later that night, Leonardo was basically the one who entertained all of Colton’s 

business partners. 

The ceiling in the corridor was bright because of the chandeliers. Waylon stood in front of the French window and looked down at his phone. 

In the blink of an eye, a figure approached him. “Are you Mr. Wayne Goldmann?” 

Waylon frowned slightly and turned around, only to realize that it was Minzy. “Ms. Holland, how did you recognize me?” 

Minzy replied with a smile, “Although you look a lot like your younger brother, I’ve seen him in magazines. There are still slight differences between you and your brother, especially the way your gazes look.” 

‘Coleman Goldmann’s gaze looks deep, sharp, gloomy, and unforgiving. 

‘However, Wayne Goldmann’s gaze is indifferent, keen, stern, and underneath all those characteristics, there is a little warmth, which makes him look less ruthless.‘ 

Waylon put away his phone. “It seems that you’re very good at observing others, Ms. Holland.” 

Minzy asked, “Why did you attend the wine reception in place of your brother?” 

He stared out of the window. “He went abroad at the very last minute, so I’ve taken over his place temporarily.” 

“I see.” Minzy smiled. “However, you didn’t get recognized as an impostor, so it seems that you resemble each other 

very much.” 

Waylon gave off a faint smile. “But you’ve recognized me, haven’t you, Ms. Holland?” 

Minzy lowered her gaze and fiddled with the bracelet on her wrist. “Getting to meet you again here is truly a coincidence.” 

After saying that, she smiled at Waylon. “Although we can’t be lovers, I hope we still can be friends.” 

Waylon squinted slightly. 

Minzy added instantly, “Don’t take me wrong. It’s just that I don’t have many friends in Bassburgh.” 


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