The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1450

“Ohhh, Rockefeller, I’m really going to kill you!”


By the time Alex came out of the hotel, it was already three in the morning. He was exhausted, and all his clothes were wet.

Several of the hotel receptionists gave him weird looks, with lots of sympathy in their eyes. Most of them thought that he was the kind specializing in servicing women.

After he left, the few of them started up a discussion.

“Guess how many he had served today?”

“I’m guessing at least four.”

“Impossible. Look at his body. How can he take four? He can probably take two at most!”

“How despicable! Of all the things to do, he had to choose this line.”

Naturally, these words could not escape Alex’s ears, but he wasn’t the slightest bit bothered when faced with such remarks from the ordinary person. He was exhausted right now, but he had also learned that the bloodline of the Exorcist Dragons was powerful. If it weren’t because of the significant improvement in his own cultivation, there really wouldn’t have been any way to activate the remaining bloodline powers in Freya’s body.

At the same time, Freya was running through the Nine Symbols Incantation and found that her strength had greatly increased. The bottleneck she had been suffering from before had broken through too. The place that had been blocked off had now been unblocked, and the root of the illness left behind from the drowning in her childhood had also been completely eradicated.

“Hahaha! Hahaha!”

She lay in the bathtub, letting out two loud laughs. “This son of William… He really is quite capable after all. Hmph, but making me lose so much face. Just wait, I’ll definitely pay him back.”

Thinking about how she had broken through the fifth stage of Dragon Blood Log, Freya immediately pulled out her phone to tell her mother the good news.


A smooth, lazy voice came from the other end. “You’re really my daughter… Waking me up in the middle of the night. Don’t you know your mother has insomnia? If I can’t get my beauty sleep, are you going to compensate me?”

“Mom, my illness has been cured.”

“What illness? Your insanity?”

“Not the insanity, the flooding in my brain.”

“Your brain flooding is not insanity? Okay, stop talking nonsense. I want to go back to sleep.”

Freya hurriedly said, “Mom, what I just said is the truth. I had the problem when I drowned as a child, where my brain submerged underwater for at least ten minutes. I’ve broken through to the fifth stage of Dragon Blood Log now. My illness is completely healed, and I… I can have children in the future.”

“Oh, my daughter! Your father said that you would meet your destined man on your journey this time, one who would help you solve your bottleneck. This stinky fortune teller still has it in him, I see. So, hurry up and bring your destined man home, and let me meet him.”

Freya’s face froze. “What destined man? He’s just a rascal.”

She hung up the call after that.

Freya recalled the process of the treatment that Alex had given her before this and couldn’t help but cup her face with her hands as it flushed from embarrassment. She muttered to herself, “It’s actually… William’s son. I used to think it was William!”


The next day, at Long Beach Cancer Hospital.

This was the most luxurious and reputable hospital in Long Beach, along with the best medical team. An ordinary person couldn’t afford such a place. Even if no treatment were to be needed, one night’s stay at the hospital would cost 3,000 dollars.

Coupled with the various physical therapies, treatments, and so on, paying up to tens of thousands a day wasn’t unheard of, and there were no limits as to how high the cost could go.

Kenneth Sunder’s wife lived here.

Kenneth Sunder, known as the thief who would never walk away empty handed, and there was nothing that he couldn’t steal, wasn’t worried about the medical bills since the accumulated wealth he had was astronomical. Everything he used had to be the best, and that was why the hospital’s deal practically treated him as his blood father, or rather, his financial daddy.

But today, the dean was having a major headache.

It was because this expansive financial daddy of his wanted to abandon him.

Kenneth actually wanted to discharge his wife from the hospital.

“Mr. Sunder, I hope that you will consider this carefully. Our hospital has better authority in terms of tumors and cancer in the country. You can’t find another professional hospital that is as good as ours. Nothing good will come out of discharging your wife!”

“Bullsh*t,” Kenneth spat. “Your ‘authoritative experts’ have been treating her for half a year, and after I’ve spent several hundred million, her cancer has still advanced to the final stage. What do I still need you for? Enough! I’ve found a true miracle doctor, one who can treat the root of my wife’s cancer. Hurry up and process the discharge from the hospital, or I’ll destroy it. Believe it or not?”


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