The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2371

Chapter 2371 

Waylon smiled. “As long as you don’t mind.” 

Minzy paused, then smiled. “Of course I don’t.” 

Waylon looked at his watch and said, “It’s getting late. I’m heading home.” 

Minzy nodded. 

After he left, Minzy’s eyes shone. 

When Waylon got back to Emperon, it was already 10:30 p.m. He switched off the lights in the living room, went upstairs, and noticed the light coming from under the door, lighting up a small part of the dark corridor. 

‘Is she still awake?‘ 

Waylon knocked, but there was no response. He pushed the door open and was shocked at the sight. 

Cameron was sleeping with her long legs crossed on the blanket. Half the blanket was on the floor while she wore a silky nightgown that might expose too much if she moved. 

He clenched his jaw. Was she testing his self–control? It wasn’t that great. 

Waylon stopped by the bed, leaned down, rested his hands on both sides, and planted a kiss on her lips without hesitation. 

Her eyes moved while she mumbled something. 

Waylon kissed deeper. 

Cameron woke up from her dream and was out of breath as she opened her eyes and pressed her hands on his chest. “Col-” 

Waylon swallowed the rest of her sentence. 

They were both tangled up. Cameron was gasping for air over his shoulder and kicked him when she saw who it was. 

Waylon was caught off guard and fell off the bed. 

Waylon wrapped herself up with the blanket and looked at him. “You’re… Wayne?” 

He covered his face with his hand when he realized she thought she had seen someone else, and that was why she was shocked. 

After confirming that it was Waylon, she almost burst out crying. “You… You scared me. Are you crazy? I thought you were…” 

Waylon sat on the floor and messed up his hair. He laughed. “He must be sneezing right now. I guess it was my fault.” 

“I didn’t mean to.” Cameron got out of bed to help him up. “I was still groggy and saw… These were just my reflexes.” 

After saying that, she wiped off the mole under his eye. “You drew it on. Why did you pretend to be your brother? Is it fun to scare me?” 

Waylon grabbed her chin and smiled. “Even Minzy could tell that it was me. Are you trying to make me angry?” 

She pouted. “I’m sorry.” 

She suddenly realized what he had said, so she looked up and squinted. “You met Minzy again?” 

Waylon brushed his shirt and raised his brows. “Are you so possessive? I can’t meet other women?” 

Cameron didn’t know whether it was possessiveness. All she knew was that she didn’t like him meeting Minzy! 

She replied, “You can meet anyone except her.” 

He smiled. “Why?” 

Cameron turned her face away. “No reason.” 

Waylon squinted. She cared because she probably saw Minzy as her rival. But that wasn’t enough for him. 

Not only did he want her to be jealous, but he also wanted her to grab hold of him and keep him for herself. 

“I can’t do that then. My brother has business dealings with the Kong Ports.” Waylon leaned down closer to her with a smirk. “Mr. Holland is the person we work with, so I can’t avoid meeting Minzy.” 

Cameron was annoyed. “Get your brother to go…” 

“He left the country and won’t be back soon.” Waylon stood up straight and casually unbuttoned his sleeves. “Go back to sleep. I have to meet them again for a business meeting tomorrow morning.” 


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