The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1453

When Alex was in trouble, the Stoermers helped him immensely with their power since they were part of Michigan’s upper-class and were among the eight royal families.

Hence, there was no way that Xyla wouldn’t know about this. In reality, she had been looking for Alex and Phoebe with all her might as well. She was present when Alex came home yesterday.

Now that the Sky Tower project was set in stone, they had to start blocking out all the entrances. Both Xyla and Waltz were in charge of distributing the work to their employees throughout this entire process. That was why Xyla was next to Alex when Kenneth called. So she tagged along.

Xyla was currently wearing a silky white top, a black pencil skirt, and a pair of black heels with red soles. Her figure was tall and elegant.

She walked into the room with perfect posture and stood next to Alex.

Glancing toward Shamus and the others, she said, “Mr. Rockefeller, you own thirteen percent of Thousand Miles Conglomerate’s shares. Rounding up the numbers, according to how much they earned last week, you already have over 130 billion from their earnings.”

“Moreover, the ownership of Global Traders Hotel has been transferred to your name. That is worth about five billion.”

“According to the latest market price, Lush Cosmetics is worth around 100 billion as well. With Rockefeller Group, they are worth around 500 billion dollars in total. Besides that. Lush Cosmetics is still expanding. Many international figures would buy the business at three times the current market price.”

What Xyla said caused a loud, shocked gasp to escape the mouths of Shamus and the others. Everyone became silent when she said this. Even the Sunders looked at them in disbelief.

They were reasonably wealthy, hence money was merely denominated in figures. They didn’t even remember how much money they owned in general. However, compared to Alex’s wealth, theirs was nothing.

Alex himself was shocked too. “Am I really that rich now?”

One should know that Lush Cosmetics had only been created four months. They basically started from scratch, yet they managed to earn 150 billion within half a year. It was simply an unbelievable feat.

Xyla smiled. “Have you underestimated just how popular Lush Cosmetics is now? With Daya as their spokesperson and Stephen as a real-life example of its effects, Lush Cosmetics is now considered a necessity within the rich!”

“Moreover, your ex-wife’s cousin, Sharpay, had successfully carried out her proposal to expand the business online. Many influencers on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter have been promoting our products like crazy. The rich ladies that you’ve saved back in Michigan had voluntarily promoted them as well. Last month, all other cosmetic lines experienced a thirty percent decrease in their sales within the country. Their customers have started using Lush Cosmetics instead.”

“Don’t forget that we haven’t expanded our business internationally either. So can you imagine what would happen if we do? Your wealth will surely reach new heights.”

Xyla said those words with confidence and seriousness, leaving Shamus and the others stunned.

‘This is what we really mean by wealth!’

‘Why would such a rich man need to scam Kenneth Sunder?’

‘Unless he’s gone mad, or he could be…’

“You fraud! All of this is fake! Did you think we would believe you? You’re kidding, right?” The woman who Kenneth slapped stood up and pointed toward Alex. “You probably hired this woman to boast about you, so you two can cooperate together in this scam! Hmph! She’s quite the locker. Too bad she’s just a lowly scammer! You people are professionals, huh?”


Just then, the woman was slapped once more on her other cheek As if it were Deja Vu, the one who slapped her was Kenneth again.


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