The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1454

He slapped harder than the last, knocking out two of her teeth. “You are absolutely ridiculous, woman! If you don’t know anything, then just shut up. Do you even know who she is? She’s the youngest daughter of the head of the Stoermer family in Michigan! She’s an actual princess in this country, yet you call her a scammer? You really do have a death wish, don’ t you?”


“The princess of the Stoermer family of Michigan? You you’re Miss Xyla Stoermer?’

Long Beach wasn’t far from Michigan. Hence Shamus obviously knew about the Stoermer family of Michigan. He knew who Xyla was as well. He couldn’t even get the chance to ever suck up to such a legendary and elegant woman, let alone get to know her.

“That’s right! And I can swear on my life that everything I said was the truth and nothing but the truth.”

Xyla continued. “If Mr. Rockefeller wants to place a bet of 100 billion, it would pose no problems. So, a deal is a deal, right?”

Shamus started pondering. Now that Xyla had stepped up, the odds were beginning to go against him. However, the 100 billion that Alex offered was enough to catch the greedy man’s interest.

More importantly, being an oncologist himself, he knew that no one in the world could ever cure Alice’s stage four cancer. This was why he still had hope in his knowledge.

Shamus nodded profusely and said, “Alright, should we sign a contract then?”

He was worried that Alex would go back on his words.

‘100 billion! Even if I still had Mercy Hospital, it was worth 3 billion at most.’


After placing their bets, Alex smiled cockily as he took a glance at Shamus. He then took a pill out of his pocket and fed it to Alice.

As Kenneth watched him with confusion plastered all over his face, Alex explained, “This is a rejuvenation pill, normally used on fighters or cultivators. It can help one stay alive for another ten years, so it’s more than enough to cure your wife’s cancer! Besides, it can heal what the chemotherapy has done to her body.”

One of the professionals that Shamus brought along couldn’t help but scold Alex. “That’s simply atrocious! How could such medicine possibly exist? If this were real, then it wouldn’t be medicine from this mortal realm. It had to be from the Gods!”

“That’s right! We don’t know what this medicine is, and neither do we know of its side effects! How could you just let the patient take this? What do we do if something happens to her? Mr. Sunder, you have to be careful of such a strange medicine. If her condition worsens, the cancer cells would surely spread throughout her entire body. It’ll be impossible to save her then,” another professional spoke up as well.

However, Alice started coughing, spitting a small pool of blood onto the ground.

Seeing this, Karen started laughing out loud. “Hahahaha! See that? This is what happens if you believe in these scammers. Rejuvenation pill? Did you really think it’s some miracle pill? Besides, adding another ten years to your life? I’d say it’s sucking the life out of her! Great… Look what you’ve done! She’s definitely going to die now! It’s too late to regret your actions! You evil being! Are you still going to lie your way out of this, huh, kid?”

Shamus’ mouth curved up slightly. “You lost Mr. Rockefeller, Miss Stoermer. The contract is effective, you know?”

Thinking about how he was about to be pocketing 100 billion dollars, Shamus couldn’t care less about Alice’s well-being.

Just then, Alice exhaled deeply.

She then kneeled before Alex and spoke, “Thank you for saving me, Dr. Rockefeller. I won’t ever forget your kindness and generosity.”


At the time, everyone except for Alex and Xyla were in utter disbelief.


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