The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1457

After being freed from the suffering of her illness, Alice regained her health. She even looked younger than she was before she was diagnosed. This was because half of the pill’s effects were used to cure her cancer, which was why she only ended up looking five years younger. However, Alice was already grateful enough that she was alive, let alone this.

Kenneth also knew that the rejuvenation pill that Alex gave his wife was priceless. One couldn’t possibly measure its worth using money.

Such a miracle pill was limited, the one and only.

A while ago, an extremely wealthy European man was diagnosed with cancer. He had announced that he was willing to hand over half of his wealth to anyone who could cure his cancer. In the meantime, some patient media workers helped him tally up his net worth. In the end, they found out that half of his wealth was worth hundreds of billions of euros.

It was a pity that he still died in the end.

Kenneth immediately showed his gratitude. “Thank you, Mr. Rockefeller. Don’t worry. I will not break my promise. Even if I have to walk through hell and back, I won’t dare to hesitate.”


“Mr. Rockefeller, would you like to have lunch with us?” Kenneth asked again.

However, Alex put his phone away and bid his goodbyes instead.

He turned to Xyla. “Help me follow up on the matters regarding Mercy Hospital. Something urgent cropped up, so I have to go now!”

Without letting Xyla reply, Alex activated his spiritual power and rushed out of the room as if he had turned into light, disappearing from everyone’s view.

Kenneth widened his eyes. “I didn’t expect Mr. Rockefeller to be so good in Feather Walk! My skills are nothing compared to his!”

As for Shamus and the others, their mouths were agape, unable to swallow the shock they experienced on this day.

“How could someone move with such great speed? I can’t believe it!” said one of the experts. “If he were to participate in the Olympics, he will win every competition!”

Kenneth buffed. “With Mr. Rockefeller’s power, participating in the Olympics will be bullying those kids. Even I wouldn’t attend such competitions. Those are for normies.”

In other words, it just meant that they were far from ordinary.


At that moment, the door to a private room at Seven Mile Springs got kicked down. Cheryl and Phoebe currently had a staredown with a group of men.

“Don’t you dare do anything to us!” Cheryl growled. “My friend is on his way, and he’s very powerful. None of you stand a chance against him. Hence, don’t make such a mistake.”

Earlier today, Cheryl and Phoebe were in the mood for a hot spring bath, which was why they came by. Since they have booked a private room, the two were very revealing bikinis. Cheryl was wearing a white one, whereas Phoebe was in black.

With entirely opposite colors, the two looked even more alluring than usual.

However, when a waiter walked in with a bowl of fruits, a man who happened to pass by noticed the two. He felt as if his breath had been sucked out of his chest. After that, he even barged into the room to “befriend” them just because he was drunk.

Seeing this, Cheryl slapped his face, dislocating his jaw. To her demise, this only made the situation worse.

The man’s friends barged into the room as well, extremely furious. They demanded that the two sleep with them if they wanted them to leave.

“Powerful? How powerful?”

A half-naked man with only a towel wrapped around his waist started making extremely lewd gestures to Cheryl, eyes fixated on her lower half.

He chuckled, “Is he as powerful as I am? Why don’t you come and see for yourself? Then you’ll see who’s more powerful.”


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