The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2379

Chapter 2379 

Before Cameron could finish her sentence, Waylon kissed her again. 

When Conroy’s parents learned that Conroy was rushed to the hospital after getting beaten up by someone, they hastily headed to the hospital to visit their son. When they saw their son’s swollen face, they felt as if someone had stabbed them in their hearts. 

“Oh my gosh! Son, who did this to you?” 

Conroy’s arm was in a cast, his leg was put in a sling, and his face was all bruised and swollen. 

When he saw his parents, he cried like a kid. “Mom, Dad, you’ve got to help me! Someone bullied me.” 

Emma asked, “Didn’t you learn Taekwondo? How can you let others bully you?” 

Conroy did not dare to tell his parents that it was his fault in the beginning, so he made up a story and shifted all the blame to Cameron. 

When his parents heard that their son got bullied because there were too many people on the other side, their faces sank. After all, their son was the apple of their eyes. It went without saying that they couldn’t let the person who bullied their son get away with it. 

Thedius lowered his head, and his face was stern. He did not know the purpose of Waylon coming here, so he asked, “I don’t understand what you’re talking about, Mr. Goldmann. The one who got injured is my son. How could he have been hospitalized if it’s his fault?” 

Conroy had caused a lot of trouble in the past. He would always go around beating people up. Usually, Thedius would just need to apologize to the victim by giving them some money, and it would be over. 

However, the thing now was that the person who had gotten injured badly was his son, so he had to take his son’s side. 

Waylon lifted his eyelids and said expressionlessly, “You really do dote on your son as rumored.” 

“Mr. Goldmann, if you are here to help, shouldn’t we be talking about how to bring the suspect who injured my son to justice?” 

“Mr. Selfridge, I think you’ve misunderstood something.” 

Thedius was stunned. He did not know what Waylon was trying to say at all. 

Waylon ran his finger over the cup’s rim and said indifferently, “I’ve never said before, that I’m here to help you and your son.” 

“Then what are you…” Thedius was shocked. 

“Your son was taught a lesson because he messed with the wrong person. I don’t understand why you are making it sound like your son is the victim. Have you ever thought about what would happen to you and your family if he ever succeeded?” 

A hint of coldness crossed Waylon’s eyes. 

Thedius froze and was tongue–tied. 

Meanwhile, his phone rang. 

“If you would excuse me…” Thedius rose to his feet and went to the side to answer the call. The person on the other side of the line said something, and he was stunned. “What did you say?” 

“I’m sorry, Mr. Selfridge, I can’t help you. The Bouchers don’t allow us to intervene in this matter. If we really help you, we can’t afford the consequences. So, I’m sorry. We can’t help you or your son.” 

Without waiting for Thedius to say anything, the man hung up the call. 

Thedius still couldn’t quite come around to his senses after answering the phone. He looked at Waylon, and then suddenly, a bad feeling rose from his stomach pit when he remembered those things that Waylon said. 

‘So that’s the reason he came to visit me all of a sudden?” 

Waylon seemed to be able to see through his mind, and the smile on his face faded You’re thinking why the Bouchers would step in, right?” 


“Is it you?” Thedius’s face turned stern as he said, “We have never offended the Goldmanns before, so why are you doing this?” 

Waylon picked up the cup but did not drink the tea. “It’s true that neither you nor your family has offended the Goldmanns before, but your son had the guts to lay his filthy finger on my people. Naturally, I have to help her.” 

Thedius’s body swayed, and his brain was a muddled mess right now. “That woman is one of yours?” 

“Even if she isn’t from my side, she isn’t someone who you can afford to offend, Mr. 

Selfridge.” Waylon put the cup on the table. He walked up to Thedius and said with a gloomy face, “Cameron’s father is Sunny Southern from the East Islands. I believe you’ve heard of Mr. Southern’s name before, right?” 


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