The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1460

Cheryl hugged Alex tightly. “If I knew that we’d be bumping into such people, we definitely wouldn’t have come here! The owner of this place is such a jerk too! He let those people do whatever they wanted! If you didn’t come in time, I would’ve been…”

Alex then slapped her back, causing her to yelp in pain.

“Hey, why did you slap me?”

Alex replied. “As punishment! You literally have the Immortal Doctor at your disposal, yet you don’t use him when it’s needed! With your current power and skills, along with the Galactic Protection Amulet, why were you even scared of those bodyguards?”

“I… I… I’m just not used to it!”

Phoebe spoke up, “Yeah! Cherry’s a girl, you know? It’s only natural for her to be anxious. How could you slap her? And you didn’t even hesitate! I’m going to make you pay for this! I’m going to slap you.”

“Yeah! Phoebe, slap him for me,” Cheryl echoed.

Phoebe smiled and placed her hand on Alex’s face. “I’m really going to slap him, alright?”

“Mmhmm! He was the one who slapped me first!” Cheryl didn’t even turn around as she continued hugging Alex tightly.

Just then, Alex froze when he saw Phoebe lean in and kiss him on the lips.

The kiss lasted at least ten seconds as well. Although Alex’s mind was in a blur, he still felt oddly excited.

Cheryl asked, “Did you slap him?”

Phoebe smiled. “Mhm! Your boyfriend has tough skin, so I was worried a slap wouldn’t work. If anything, my hand might end up hurt! That’s why I pinched him hard instead.”

As she said this, she pinched Alex’s lips harshly and winked at him.

‘This woman… is playing with fire!’


A few minutes later, Alex stood at the side, watching the two gorgeous beauties in their black and white bikinis. Their bikinis perfectly accentuated their curves, making them look as if they were succubus.

Noticing Alex’s flustered and excited expression, Phoebe suggested. “Cherry, we haven’t really had a good time here. It’s not like we came all the way here just to be interrupted by some b*stards. It’s not worth all the trouble! So why don’t we go back into the hot spring? This place is closing tomorrow anyway.”

Phoebe was a woman of her word.

Moreover, that chubby man was inhumane, so she definitely wouldn’t let him off the hook this easily.

“But if those people come back…”

“Why are you even scared? Isn’t your boyfriend here? We don’t have to worry about a thing if he’s here, right?”

“Alright, then!”

After that, Phoebe headed into the hot springs first. As Cherry walked in slowly, she turned around and asked Alex, “Do you want to come in too?”

“I… can I?” Alex could feel his heart beating out of his chest.

“I don’t mind,” said Phoebe. “The spring is pretty big anyway. It’s not like it won’t fit one more person. Just pretend you’re swimming at the beach or something… Or could it be that you can’t resist yourself after seeing my beautiful self in a bikini? Am I the pretty one, or is your girlfriend the pretty one, huh?”

Alex raised an eyebrow. “Of course it’s Cheryl. You’re far behind in comparison.”

After saying that, he took his clothes off and hopped into the hot spring as well. He never had the time to come to such places, hence he figured that it was an excellent time to relax and enjoy himself.

More importantly, he had such beauties by his side right now.

Although the hot spring wasn’t exactly large, a square shaped pool measuring a mere five by five meters, the water was milky white since they had added something into it. Hence one wouldn’t be able to see what was happening underwater.

This went directly in Alex’s favor. In just moments, Alex placed his hand on Cheryl’s thigh.

The woman was flustered, yet she didn’t stop him. After quite a while, Alex could feel a foot sliding up and down his leg.

Initially, he thought that Cheryl was finally making a move on him; hence he grabbed her leg calmly and pressed it onto his body… Unexpectedly, Cheryl suddenly stood up and said she wanted to get some fruit for herself, walking to the side instead.

‘Then… Whose foot is on me now?’


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