The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2381

Chapter 2381

“Who are you referring to as shameless? How can you blame me for that?”

“Alright, we’ll blame that on me.” Wayion rubbed the corner of her eyes. His thumb then slipped down to her chin, pinched it, and lifted her face. “I shouldn’t have left you, an idiot in the kitchen, alone at home. For safety’s sake, I should hire a housekeeper and get them to come here when I’m not at home. She would come here to take care of you, lest you get yourself killed someday in the future.”

At that moment, a rumble from her stomach responded to the suggestion.

Wayion chuckled. “Are you hungry?”

Cameron responded with a hum.

Wayion did not want her to stay hungry while she waited for him to clean up the mess. “The kitchen won’t be ready to use for a while, so let’s order takeout.”

After ordering takeout, Cameron sat at the table and gobbled the food. Although the takeout did not taste as good as Wayion’s cooking, it did not taste too bad.

It took Wayion an hour and a half to clean up the kitchen. He then walked to the balcony and called someone to arrange for a housekeeper to come to the Emperon tomorrow.

As soon as the call ended, he received a call from Leonardo.

He frowned and picked up the call. “What’s the matter?”

Leonardo reported embarrassedly, “Mr. Goldmann, Ms. Holland has been waiting for you downstairs for a long time. Do you want to…”

“I’m not going back to the company today, so tell her not to wait for me.”

Before Leonardo could say anything, Wayion had already ended the call.

On the other end of the call…

Leonardo came to Minzy’s side, and Minzy asked with a smile, “ How did it go?”

Leonardo replied apologetically, “Mr. Goldmann said that he won’t be coming into the office today, so he asks you not to wait for him.”

“Is that so?” Upon hearing his reply, Minzy’s smile gradually faded as she clenched her hands tightly.

However, her emotions did not surface. “Then do you know who he is with at this moment?”

Since Leonardo had gotten into contact with Giselle and Jessie, he could now see through what a woman was thinking at first glance.

‘It’s obvious that this woman is appearing here at the company time after time because of Mr. Goldmann.

‘The two sons of this family really have a way with women. Damn, if they could just give me a teeny tip of the charm that they possess, I wouldn’t have been single all this while.’

Leonardo smiled. “I’m sorry, but this is Mr. Goldmann’s private

matter, so I’m in no position to intervene.”

Minzy nodded. “Thank you.”

She then picked up her handbag, turned around, and left.

Meanwhile, at Emperon…

Cameron had just finished eating when she realized that the kitchen had been cleaned up and was spotless, as if it was brand new, and she felt a little ashamed.

After cleaning up the table, she walked upstairs and stopped outside Wayion’s room as she decided to apologize to him first.

‘Let’s just take what I said earlier as a result of me starving.’

She raised her hand and was about to knock on the door when it opened.

Wayion had just finished taking a shower, the Prussian blue silk nightgown fitted him perfectly, and the belt was loosely tied around his waist. The wet ends of his hair were still drenched as he walked out of the vapor and steam that dispersed into the room from the bathroom, accompanied by a faint mint and violet fragrance.

Cameron was astonished for a few seconds, and the words of apology that she had originally come up with all fell into the back of her mind.

He propped his arm against the door. “Are you looking for me?”

“Uh…” Cameron crossed her arms, shifted her gaze away from him, and asked in a casual manner, “Aren’t you going to the company?”

She wanted to bite off her tongue.

‘That’s not what I came here to say!’

A hint of despicable charm escaped through the corners of Wayion’s eyes. “It’s already evening. What else could I do even if I were to go to the company now?”

“I’m just asking.”

After saying that, she turned around and was about to leave.

But that was when an arm pulled her backward.

Cameron’s palm was pressed against his chest. She felt his warm, beating pulse, and her heart could not stop racing.

“You haven’t taken a shower?” Wayion stopped near her face, his face only less than an inch away from her lips.

Her eyelashes trembled slightly, and her legs shivered from the nervousness. “Why must I take a shower?”


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