The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1459

“What little brother?”

“What do you mean by stopped working?”

The topless man was Gill Xenos, Grant’s grand nephew. He had been extremely arrogant just because he had such a powerful relative. He would do whatever he pleased, no matter when or where he was.

Since Department Six was such a powerful organization, he indeed had the backbone to behave so cockily, not to mention that his granduncle was the head of this organization as well. Moreover, even if he did mess up, his granduncle wouldn’t need to help him out one bit. Others would be willing to help him handle the situation without hesitation.

Hence, this caused him to think that he ruled the world. Thus he thought he had the right to barge into someone’s private room at the hot springs and demand them to sleep with him.

“Gill, he… He’s talking about your… Which is like…” One of Gill’s friends whispered while pointing at his lower half.

Gill was enraged. “You f*cker! Yours is the one that stopped working! How dare you curse me? I’ll just have to break yours so you’ll no longer be a man… Oh no, you’d have to wait, though. Watch me as I toy with your girlfriend. Let’s see if yours has any reaction to that.”

Alex chuckled. “I don’t care. You’re not going to have a reaction in the first place.”

That was because Alex had used his spiritual power to destroy the nerves around Gill’s crotch when he patted him on the shoulder.

Since it was silent and didn’t cause any pain, Gill himself hadn’t noticed anything wrong with his body.


“I’ll let you watch right now! I’ll make sure you know what it feels like to be self-conscious!”

Since Gill was extremely arrogant, he really didn’t care about any consequences at this moment. However, he suddenly realized that something was wrong. He couldn’t feel anything down there. He couldn’t even tell if it was still there, let alone a reaction. It felt as if all senses around that area had disappeared into thin air.

“What… What’s happening?” Gill was starting to panic, and he frantically grabbed his groin.

To his demise, it felt like he was just grabbing a ball of dough. More importantly, he didn’t feel anything when he touched it as well, as if it wasn’t attached to him.

Alex asked, “So? I was right, huh? Did it stop working? Hmm, I wonder how you can go around toying with women in this state? Women would probably be disgusted by you, huh?”

Gill was still panicking. He continued to stare at Cheryl’s back, fantasizing about every racy scenario he could, hoping to promote blood flow to that area. However, he was left absolutely disappointed. He didn’t feel anything down there at all.

“Xenos, are you okay? What’s wrong with you?” one of his underlings asked.

“I… I don’t feel anything. I can’t even feel if it’s attached to me or not! What do I do? How could this happen to me? I wasn’t like this before!”

Gill’s underlings froze.

One of them asked, “Xenos, are you sure that it was working fine before?”

“What the f*ck is that supposed to mean?”

Alex replied for the underling, “He’s asking if you’ve had this problem since you were young. Were you born impotent?”

Gill raged. “Of course not! I’ve been pretty normal up till now!”

Alex smiled. “Then you should be careful. If it just stopped working out of nowhere, that means something in your body has changed. You should head to the hospital for a check-up and cure this if you can. Don’t waste any more time, else all there’s left to do is chop it off and become a woman instead.”

Gill was terrified. Goosebumps sprouted all over his body when he thought about such serious consequences. His mood to stay longer had disappeared completely. He then immediately ordered someone to send him to the hospital for a checkup.

The remaining people left as quickly as they could too. Gill might not fear the Divine Constabulary, but his friends still did.

In a matter of minutes, Alex, Cheryl, and Phoebe were the only ones left in the room.


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