The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2380

Chapter 2380 

Cold beads of sweat were trickling down Thedius’s back as he felt a chill up his spine. 

Sunny Southern… Everyone from his generation had heard of his name before. After all, they knew everything that happened to Titus Goldmann. Even though Sunny was a generation younger than Titus, Sunny’s reputation in Southeast Eurasia was comparable to that of Nolan’s grandfather during those days. 

Waylon placed his hand on his shoulder and leaned closer. “Besides, Cameron is my fiancee. Now, it’s your son who had the guts to lay his fingers on her. Even if Mr. Southern is going to forgive you all, the Goldmanns won’t just sit back and watch.” 

After he had finished speaking, Waylon left the living room with his men without turning his head back. 

Thedius could not come around to his senses even after a long time. His brain was a muddled mess right now. Initially, he assumed Cameron was just nobody and that he could help his son to settle her easily. 

However, the truth was that his son had messed with the wrong people this time. 

Meanwhile, at the Blackgold…. 

Minzy came up to the receptionist and told her that she wanted to see Waylon. However, the receptionist said, “I’m sorry, Ms. Holland, Mr. Goldmann isn’t in the office today.” 

“He isn’t in the office today?” Minzy frowned. 

The receptionist replied, “Yes. If you have something important, you can call him directly. 

Minzy had come to the company to look for Waylon several times. The receptionist treated her politely because she thought that she was in a “relationship” with Waylon. 

Minzy’s face sank. 

She did not have Waylon’s phone number. 

She pressed her lips tightly and said, “It’s okay. If he’s busy, then I won’t bother him. I’ll wait for him to come back.” 

Her consideration and gentleness had made the receptionist believe that she was having a relationship with Waylon. She smiled at her and said, “Sure. Make yourself comfortable.” 

However, Waylon was not going to return to the Blackgold Group. He had asked Leonardo to help him take care of the affairs in the company this morning. After he left the Selfridges‘ residence, he headed back to Emperon. 

Cameron was cooking lunch in the kitchen. She purposely looked for tutorials on her phone. However, while she was reading the tutorials, she was so focused that she did not pay attention to the fire. As such, the food in the pan was burned. 

“Oh my gosh!” Cameron hastily turned off the fire. The burnt smell caused her to cough violently. 

The kitchen was filled with smoke. She was fumbling around blindly as she forgot to turn on the range hood. 

When Waylon entered the house, the smoke had invaded the living room. He could also catch a faint burning smell from the air. 

He frowned and rushed toward the kitchen without changing his shoes. “Cameron!” 

Cameron wanted to clean everything up before he came back, but her plan failed. 

She came out of the smoke. Perhaps she had stayed in the kitchen for a while, so her cheeks were oily and seemed a little bit black from the smoke. 

When she saw Waylon, she said straightly, “I swear I didn’t do it on purpose.” 

Waylon did not know if he should be angry with her or not. “So, it means that you want to blow my kitchen up?” 

Cameron raised her hand to wipe her face and replied earnestly, “Nope. I wasn’t going to blow your kitchen up. I was cooking something but didn’t know what was happening in that pan. The food just got burnt by itself.” 

Waylon took off his jacket and threw it on the couch. Then, he went to open up all the windows. 

He unhurriedly rolled his sleeves up and walked into the kitchen to open the range hood. He looked at the burnt food in the pan and the mess on the table. 

Then, he turned to look at Cameron. 

Cameron averted her gaze. 

“So you’re saying that it’s the food’s fault that it got burnt?” asked Waylon. 

She nodded without any hesitation. 

Waylon chuckled and squinted. “Come here.” 

Cameron swallowed hard. After hesitating for a moment, she walked over to him. “What’s the matter?” 

Waylon pinched and caressed her cheek, causing her to look even more like a cat with oil stains on its face. 

“How come I didn’t realize that you’re as shameless as I am?” 


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