The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1465


Phoebe almost laughed when she heard that. “Rockefeller brat, soaking in the hot spring has made your mouth so sweet. This means that the hard work to massage the soles of your feet just now is not in vain. Are you trying to say that I’m a goddess in your mind?”

“No!” Alex shook his head. “What I mean is, you’ll need my help to become a true goddess.”

“What does a true goddess look like? Can I fly in the sky?”

“Yes!” Alex replied.

“I think you’re… Are you drunk? But you didn’t even drink just now!”

At this moment, the two people walked into the elevator. Phoebe naturally held Alex’s arm while leaning onto him. The temperature between the two of them started to slowly increase.

When they reached the fifth floor, someone came in.

Alex slightly struggled, but he soon realized that Phoebe was holding onto him tightly. She even raised her head and complained, “What’s wrong? You wouldn’t even let go off my leg just now. Can’t I even hold your arm now? You men are all the same. You people won’t admit doing it after you’re done.”

The two men who just came in turned to them astonishingly.

Alex was speechless and he did not struggle anymore.

When the elevator reached the ground floor, Alex pulled Phoebe’s hand and walked out of the hotel quickly. In fact, the two men’s constant gaze earlier had made him uncomfortable, as if he was a scumbag who was having an affair outside.

“What are you afraid of? Those two don’t even know us,” said Phoebe as she chuckled.

Alex said, “I’m just afraid it might ruin your reputation. I’m not from Michigan but you’re a famous figure in Michigan. If anyone ever accidentally recognizes you as the governor’s daughter now, it may affect your father later.”

Phoebe shrugged her shoulders.

When they got back into the car, Alex did not ask Phoebe to drive right away. Instead, he said with a serious expression, “What I just said is all true. Do you still remember the phalanx acquired from Viole Zimmer?”

Phoebe nodded her head.

She would certainly remember such a weird incident. However, the phalanx vanished all of a sudden and there was an accident in her family. Various things had happened altogether, so she did not have time to think about the phalanx. If Alex had not brought it up, she would not have remembered it.

“That phalanx is with you,” said Alex.


Phoebe just jumped up from her seat and hit the car roof in the end. However, Alex’s words had clearly shocked her.

There was also a reason for Alex to bring up this matter.

Phoebe was a doctor. If she kept working in the hospital, she would not have time for cultivation at all. If she wanted to raise her cultivation to the Spirit Severing stage in three years, it would simply be a joke. On the other hand, if Yuno saw that Phoebe was not able to reach the Spirit Severing stage in three years’ time, she would definitely take over her body. Hence, Alex had to give her a bit of pressure.

He slowly said, “That’s right! That phalanx of the index finger is now in your body and has overlapped your index finger.”

Phoebe immediately raised her finger and looked at it. However, she could not see the slightest anomaly on her finger until Alex used his spiritual power to point on her index finger.

In the next second, a dim golden light emanated from Phoebe’s index finger, and countless runes burst out of her finger.

Phoebe was dumbfounded as she witnessed the scene. She looked toward Alex nervously. Afterwards, she got up from her seat and pounced onto Alex.


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