The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2387

Chapter 2387

#Am I the only one who thinks that this old man is trying his best to help his daughter cut ties with the eldest heir of the Goldmanns? Could it be that he’s a very promiscuous man?#

#Oh my, now that you mentioned it, when Mr. Goldmann attended the variety show with Daisie, the way he looked at and interacted with Ms. Southern seemed rather flirtatious, but he’s now having a private meal with another woman. Speaking of which, the second heir of the Goldmanns and Daisie have both settled down, and the eldest brother is the only one left. It’s hard not to let my imagination run wild.#

#Mr. Goldmann is giving me a playboy vibe now. He seems to treat all women too well…#

At Blackgold…

Wayion closed the lid of his laptop after watching the news regarding Mallon’s clarification. As for the gossip on the Internet, he straight-up ignored all of them.

Leonardo knocked on the door at that moment.

He lifted his gaze. “Come in.”

Leonardo pushed the door into the office and asked, “Mr.

Goldmann, Ms. Holland has come to see you again. Do you want to meet her?”

Wayion squinted and responded after a while, “Just tell her that I’m not here.”

Just as Leonardo was about to go out, Wayion stopped him. “Wait.”

He turned around. “Is there anything else that requires my assistance?”

“The rumors that have been spreading around within the company, just do something about them. Thank you.”

Although Wayion did not explain much, Leonardo already understood what he was trying to say and nodded. “Don’t worry, I’ll handle it.”

Minzy was waiting in the lobby, carrying a lunch box she had made by herself. Although her father had clarified the scandal between her and Wayion, it was not a reason for her to give up.

Leonardo walked toward her and greeted her, “Ms. Holland.”

Minzy asked with a smile, “Mr. Goldmann is in, right?”

Leonardo replied with a polite smile, “I’m sorry, Mr. Goldmann isn’t in. But you can always leave him a message. I’ll convey it on your behalf as soon as he comes back.”

Minzy was slightly startled. “But the lady at the front desk told me that he’s in today.”

Leonardo turned and glared at the receptionist.

The female receptionist hurriedly lowered her head, looking inexplicably guilty.

‘Could it be that I’ve been wrong all along?’

Leonardo sighed.

‘It’s no wonder Mr. Goldmann would ask me to deal with the rumors spreading around the company. If it were to go on like this, things would turn out the same as what happened to the president

before this.’ “Ms. Holland, you should understand that the scandal between you and Mr. Goldmann has been clarified. So if there’s nothing urgent or important in the future, try not to come to Blackgold as frequently as you’re doing now.”

Minzy’s expression froze. ‘Did Wayne choose not to come down and meet me on purpose? Is it because of the scandal?’

The receptionists’ facial expressions became increasingly embarrassed, especially since they had always regarded Minzy as Wayion’s future wife. ‘It turns out that our boss doesn’t even plan to recognize her.

‘However, Ms. Holland has never corrected and clarified her relationship with Mr. Goldmann.’

Anyone who understood the current situation knew that Minzy wanted to keep the scandal brewing. As long as Wayion did not come forward to explain himself or clarify the situation, she would be able to continue her nonexistent relationship with him.

And Leonardo’s words made Minzy feel extremely defeated.

Minzy bit her lip. “I see.”

She turned around in despair and clenched the lunch box in her hand.

‘I deliberately didn’t stop the paparazzi the other day only because I wanted to see Wayne’s attitude toward me.

‘If he chose to remain silent and not clarify the scandal to the media, I would be able to selfishly tie myself to him, approach him, and make it known to everyone in Bassburgh that I’m his woman.

‘As for Cameron… She’d definitely know her position and leave Wayne after seeing the scandal.

‘Wayne obviously hasn’t said anything about our scandal, but my dad still chose to voice out and clarify the situation on my behalf.’

She could not help but blame her father at the moment.

Walking out of the Blackgold Tower, Minzy ran into Cameron, who was getting out of the car, and Cameron saw her too.

Minzy seemed to be dazzled by jealousy. She pursed her lips and walked toward Cameron. “Ms. Southern, are you here to see Mr. Goldmann?”

Cameron’s gaze landed on the lunch box in Minzy’s hand, and she squinted. “And you’re here to deliver lunch?”


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