The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2386

Chapter 2386

Seeing that Cameron was so jealous, Wayion laughed out loud. “ Who’s the one who told me that we won’t be making our relationship public? How do you plan to explain this to the media and public if we are caught and photographed by paparazzi?”

Cameron choked on her own words. She suddenly remembered that she had said something about not wanting to make things between them public before this.

Wayion raised his eyebrows slightly. “Is that all you have to say?”

She was a little embarrassed.

‘I’m indeed the one who said that I didn’t want to be made public back then, but I’m also the one who’s demanding to make things public now. Did I just smack myself in the face?’

“You’re going back on your own words now, and I’m confused about what I should believe and ignore.” Wayion propped his hand against the side of his forehead and gave off a clearly satisfied expression accompanied by traces of innocence.

“If our marriage were to be made public, you might start to regret marrying me and ask me for a divorce. Then I’ll be turned into a man who gets abandoned by his wife, and the people of Bassburgh will surely use this farce to ridicule me in the future.”

His reasons were all logically and properly arranged, and it sounded as if he was worried that he would turn into a poor man who could be abandoned anytime.

Cameron took a deep breath. “Why would you think so?”

Wayion let off a faint sigh. “It’s surely because I’m still not good enough for you to come to a decision to announce our relationship to the public. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be banned from letting the world know about our marriage. And now that I’ve been found in a scandal with another woman, I’m being questioned whether I’m having an aff—” 1

Cameron got up and covered his mouth. “That’s enough acting for a day! ”

Wayion grabbed the back of her hand and stared straight at her. “ Then can I make it public now?”

Cameron gnashed her teeth and whispered, “Yes.”

“I can’t hear you.”

“I said yes!” she shouted out loud, causing everyone sitting around her to stare in her direction.

Cameron smiled apologetically at those people, sat back in her seat, and glared at the man that was giving off a profound smirk across from her.

‘This fella is really as cunning as an old fox! ’

On the other side of the city…

Mallon had already gathered a hall full of reporters and was about to release a statement to clarify his daughter’s scandal. He looked down at his watch, and Minzy was still nowhere to be seen at this time.

His secretary hurried toward him. “Mr. Holland, we couldn’t find Ms. Holland in the hotel.”

Mallon frowned, and his expression stiffened as a solemn thought crossed his mind.

‘I knew it… But I can’t let her be any longer.’

The reporters who came asked him about his daughter’s relationship with Wayion, if the two families were about to hold a wedding ceremony for them, and if Minzy and Wayion were dating.

Mallon’s expression was so gloomy and terrifying that he would be able to make it into the cast of a horror movie without an audition. His masseter twitched at that moment. “That’s why I’m holding this press conference today, to clarify my daughter’s affairs with Mr. Goldmann.”

“A clarification?” One of the reporters in the audience sounded surprised.

Mallon added with a dimmed expression, “Yes, it’s a clarification. My daughter doesn’t have a relationship with Mr. Goldmann.

They’re only ordinary friends who went to the hotel’s restaurant for a meal. I don’t know why the media are writing these things about them. Must my daughter have a relationship with all the men she’s eaten with in the past?”

A female reporter asked, “Mr. Holland, wouldn’t it be beneficial for your daughter to be in a relationship with the eldest heir of the Goldmanns? However, judging from how you’re reacting to this news, it seems that you’re not really happy with the scandal that Ms. Holland is in.”

Mallon’s gaze looked stern and sharp. “The Goldmanns aren’t the only family who have a son, are they? All the media in Bassburgh might have their eyes set on the Goldmanns, but does that mean

that the Hollands must hop onto this train too?

“I don’t possess such lofty ideals and am content with what I currently have. I only hope that my daughter can find a man that suits her. Therefore, I’m sincerely asking everyone present not to tie my daughter to Mr. Goldmann again.”

Mallon then bowed to the reporters and left with his secretary.

This clarification statement made the news almost immediately, and Mallon’s words received a lot of support on the Internet.

#He knows his position very well. That’s why he’s one of the best fathers in the history of Bassburgh.#

#As a businessman, it’s rare for someone to have such thoughts. Too many parents would turn the marriage of their children into just another business transaction. That’s why this incident is showing everyone in Bassburgh that Mr. Holland is a very rational father!#


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