The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1464

“We’re only slightly frightened.”

“That’s good.”

After Zachary got the address and the name, he immediately went to handle the matter.

As a result, not long after Alex and the others had left, several groups of law enforcement teams belonging to different departments arrived at Seven Mile Springs accordingly and sealed the clubhouse right away. The fat boss was frightened and ran out instantly to greet them, but then he was taken away by a few people from Divine Constabulary.

“You are under arrest for the attempted murder of the governor’s daughter!”

The fat boss almost peed himself. “W-what governor’s daughter? I’ve never done it. You must’ve gotten the wrong person. I’m a law abiding citizen in America. You people can’t do this to me. I want a lawyer.”

“I’m sorry, lawyers are useless before our Divine Constabulary.”

The fat boss was enlightened all of the sudden. He remembered what Phoebe said previously, she mentioned that she would make his establishment close down the next day.

It was not even the next day, yet his clubhouse had been sealed.

Could it be that she was the governor’s daughter?

It was too late for the fatty to regret it when he figured it all out in that instant. However, he still had a glimmer of hope. Seeing his secretary was nearby, he immediately shouted, “Shanny, contact Winel Grundy immediately and get Young Master Xenos to save me!”

He ended up being knocked out with a slap by a captain of Divine Constabulary.

“How dare you harass Elder Rockefeller’s woman. No one can save you!”


Meanwhile, Alex and the others went to a restaurant for dinner right after they had left. Alex mentioned the matter in Mercy Cancer Hospital. As a result, Cheryl was dumbfounded.

“I know about the Mercy Cancer Hospital. It was established six years ago. The president is Professor Shamus Wilson who has published articles in international medical journals. He’d even given us lectures during my days in university!”

Never did Alex expect that Shamus and Cheryl would have such a relationship.

He smiled and said, “If he ever finds out that he used to lecture an Immortal Doctor, he’ll laugh awake from his dreams! That old fart said that he will stay in the hospital to become your subordinate and I said I’ll let you decide on your own.”

After listening to the bet between Alex and Shamus, Cheryl felt slightly unfair for Shamus. “According to the current medical standards, late stage cancer is indeed a terminal disease. How did he know that you had this miraculous pill like the rejuvenation pill? You must have led him onto it.”

Alex said, “He came after me first. It’s only right for me to pay him back! But since he was once your teacher, I’ll let him go this time. I won’t say anything about losing the hospital and I’ll treat that as his contribution to his own medical career.”

Cheryl nodded her head. “I’ve heard about his theory on cancer treatment before. In fact, it is similar to what I’ve learned from Sir Extraordinaire. If we can combine traditional and modern medicine coupled with the treatment methods of Zharvakko, I think we might be able to overcome the problem of cancer.”

“Cheryl, by that time your name will live down the ages and you can at least receive three Nobel Prizes!” said Phoebe enviously. She was a doctor too. Such an honor was impossible not to be envied.

Cheryl had been staying in the hotel these few days and she would be returning to California by tomorrow.

Alex happened to go back to California as well, so they agreed to leave together tomorrow.

Phoebe drove the car and dropped Cheryl off at the hotel first. After saying goodbye in the hotel room and leaving her, Phoebe secretly said to Alex, “You’re so good to your girlfriend. Not only you gave her the Immortal Doctor’s Legacy, now you even gave her a hospital that is worth billions of dollars. Sigh, poor me. As someone’s childhood sweetheart and fiancée with a marriage contract since I was a kid, I don’t seem to be seen in the eyes of somebody. ”

Alex glanced at her and said, “The Immortal Doctor’s Legacy originally belonged to Cheryl’s grandfather. Moreover, you wouldn’t have time to be any Immortal Doctor too.”

Phoebe said, “All I have is time. I can only peel my own toenails whenever I’m free.”

Alex shook his head and seriously said, “You won’t have time in the future because you’re destined to be a goddess.”


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