The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1467

Phoebe was leaning against the door with her blushed face and seductive eyes. She even grabbed onto the hem of her skirt with one hand.

Alex’s mouth went dry looking at this scene.

Phoebe had been seducing him since the hot spring until now. Even a seventy or eighty year old man might not be able to stand it, not to mention that he was a vigorous man with normal functions. Alex was only able to slightly suppress his impulse in his mind when he thought about Dorothy.

When he caught a whiff of alcohol, he was slightly surprised as he said, “You were drunk driving just now!”

Phoebe was startled for a moment. She frowned and said, “Coward!”

“You’ve drunk too much.”


“Forget it, I’ll teach you next time.”



Being called a coward twice and a jerk once had completely angered Alex. Phoebe’ s constant provocations had instantly tipped the scales of reasoning and impulse in his mind.

“Rockefeller brat, Rockefeller brat…”

Phoebe shook her head. She finally passed out when she could not bear the burden anymore.

Five seconds later, she opened her eyes again. However, those eyes had become incomparably shocked and confused.


Yuno had awakened and took over Phoebe’s body. At the same time, she also received all the senses and feelings. She was completely dumbfounded as she never thought that this encounter would occur… As the dignified goddess herself, many ancient saints and geniuses wanted to marry her but they could not do it. She had never had any close contacts with men in her entire life. As a result, she could vividly feel the happiness of a woman because she had possessed Phoebe’s body.

If only this was considered as happiness. She struggled slightly but there was no effect at all. Her spirit was unstable as well.

“Leave, leave immediately!”

Yuno did not remind Alex but she chose to retreat quietly, so that she could keep her dignity and consider it as a nightmare. In fact, nothing had happened, right?

However, the truth was, she could not go back to deep sleep for a while.

‘What should I do?’

‘Why is this happening?’

In the end, Yuno successfully fell asleep.


Phoebe was asleep.

When Alex, who had finally calmed down again, looked at the mess in front of him, he scratched his eyebrow. He did not regret it!

In fact, he had a hunch that something was going to happen between Phoebe and him when they were in the hot spring. However, he did not expect that things would develop so quickly.

After gently moving Phoebe away from his body, he found the bathroom and took a shower. Afterwards, he patiently looked around the house.

To his surprise, he found something very familiar here, it was an aircraft model.


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