The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2389

Chapter 2389 

“Everyone has a fair chance to compete. I presented you with the chance back then, but whether he would choose to be with you was never in my control. And you’re saying I was making a fool out of you? But think carefully, am I the person who told him not to choose you?” 


“What will you get from arguing with me about these details now? If you think you still have a fighting chance, just go to Wayne and ask him for an explanation instead of harassing me. You should know that I grew up in the East Islands, and I’ve already gotten very used to being rude and vulgar. So if anything were to go wrong, I’d certainly make a move. You being a man or a woman makes no difference to me.” 

After saying that, Cameron left her alone and left the scene. 

Minzy clenched her hands that were resting on her sides. 

‘How can she expect me to feel reconciled about my loss?!‘ 

Cameron was extremely angry as Minzy had inexplicably targeted her because of Waylon. 

“That b*stard only knows how to attract other women’s attention! It’s obvious he sucks when it comes to cleaning up his own sh*t, and he just has to get me implicated in his sh*tshow.‘ 

She was about to enter the elevator when someone suddenly stopped her. “Wait a minute 

The female employee gave off an awkward but polite smile. “I’m sorry, but this elevator is reserved for the president of this company. Are you new here?” 

Cameron was caught off guard by what she had just heard. “You people actually classify your elevators?” 

“This is the company’s rule. None of our staff can use this elevator. Are you new here? Which department do you work in? I haven’t seen you before.” The female employee took a closer look at her and did not remember seeing her in the company before this. 

Cameron shrugged. “I’m not an employee of the company.” 

The employee immediately stopped her out of professionalism. “Then that’s one more reason I can’t allow you to go up. Are you here looking for someone? Just let me know which department the person works in, and I’ll help you make a call to inform that person about your arrival.” 

“I’m looking for Wayne.” 

“W–Who’s that?” The female employee was astounded. 

Cameron repeated herself, “The eldest heir of the Goldmanns, Wayne Goldmann.” 

The female staff looked even more embarrassed now. 

‘Ms. Holland had just come looking for Mr. Goldmann, but he refused to meet her. And another woman is now here asking to see Mr. Goldmann?‘ 

“Do you have an appointment?” 

Cameron started to get a little impatient. “Why would I need an appointment to meet him?” 

“This is the rule…” 

“Your company’s rules are made for you, the employees, not for me. It didn’t say that I, an outsider, have to abide by your company’s rules, right?” After saying that, Cameron patted her on the shoulder and chuckled. “Don’t worry, sis. I told him that I had arrived before I came in. You won’t be blamed.” 

After that, Cameron turned around and was about to enter the elevator. 

The female employee quickly pulled her out. “You can’t just go up without an appointment. If you really know Mr. Goldmann in person, you can only contact him yourself.” 

She genuinely did not want to get herself involved in another incident like what happened with Minzy just minutes ago, lest getting herself fired. 

Seeing that the other party looked very nervous, Cameron understood that she seemed really afraid of being blamed. Thus, she took a deep breath, took out her cell phone, and sent a voice message to Waylon. 

“Wayne Goldmann, I’m downstairs now. Come down and bring me up!” 

The female employee inhaled sharply and froze on the spot. 

And the other female employees heard the sound and looked over. 

‘What did I just hear!? Wayne Goldmann? Did I just mishear that? We just sent Ms. Holland off, and here comes another one!?‘ 

Cameron waited in the lobby, and it did not take long for the elevator dedicated to the high management to start descending. 

The female employees were dumbfounded. 

‘Could it be that she really knows Mr. Goldmann!? 

‘Mr. Goldmann didn’t even meet Ms. Holland today. In the past, when Ms. Holland came to the company, Leonardo was always the one who came down here to bring her up. But Mr. Goldmann is actually coming downstairs to pick this woman up, personally!?‘ 

The elevator door opened at that moment, and as expected, Waylon was standing inside. 

The employee returned to her senses and quickly nodded. “Mr. Goldmann, I’m sorry, I didn’t know this lady is…” 

‘Your acquaintance.‘ 

Before she could finish the sentence, Waylon had already walked out of the elevator without a trace of wrath in his eyes. “You can go back to what you were doing before this.” 


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