The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1472

What a troublesome woman.


Soon, Gill Xenos found out about the news from his side. He knew that not only Winel had failed to invite Master Rockefeller, but all his limbs were also ruined by the people from Thousand Miles Conglomerate. He was instantly infuriated. “Winel, don’t worry. I, Gill Xenos, will seek justice for you. I’ll definitely let the Thousand Miles Conglomerate know the consequences of offending me.”

After hanging up this phone call, Gill made another call out. “Uncle Johansson, it’s Gill here. Can you do me a favor?”


An hour later, there was a commotion in California. More than a dozen official departments of California conduct inspections on Thousand Miles Conglomerate in turn.

In the end, they had sealed more than a hundred large shops owned by Thousand Miles of Conglomerate in one go. Even the biggest mall in California had been sealed away. Seals were stuck on the main entrance while the customers were chased out of the mall rudely. Even some people in the mall who had paid money were chased out before they could get their goods. In an instant, there was a great deal of public discontent and grievances.

“Miss Fleur, we have an emergency. Seventy percent of our Thousand Miles of Conglomerate’s business has been sealed away. What should we do?”

“Miss Fleur, the government officials even came to the company to check our accounts, saying that they suspected us of tax evasion.”

“Miss Fleur…”

Waltz was seated at the first chair of the meeting room. At this moment, her subordinates were bringing one bad news after another. However, she was not afraid, as if everything was under her control.

Not long after, someone came to make another report.

“Miss Fleur, some of the senior executives have proposed to resign. What should we do?”

“What?” Azure jumped up instantly. “The company is now in its most difficult time, yet someone actually wants to resign? Which senior executives did that? I’m going to break their legs.”

Waltz waved her hand. “No big deal. Approved!”

Azure said, “Waltz, you’re just letting them go like that? Isn’t that a cheap bargain for them?”

Waltz shook her head. “We can’t force everyone to stand together with us. If anyone would like to resign and look for a better job elsewhere, they are free to leave! But I, Waltz Fleur, will make it clear beforehand, those who leave today shall be blacklisted by Thousand Miles Conglomerate and shall not be hired by Thousand Miles Conglomerate and our allied units at any time in the future.”

Those words from Waltz were passed down, yet those people who proposed to resign did not take it to heart at all.

‘Your company is going to close down. Who would still care if we’re working here?’

As time passed, there was even more bad news about the company, tax evasion, forced buying and selling, using the dark forces of the underworld to retaliate and affect normal business operations as well as social unrest. All of this news came pouring down and making them breathless.

All of these reminded them of Rockefeller Group a year ago.

Back then, Rockefeller Group was in decline and then it had turned from a first-class group to a second-rated group.

Afterwards, more and more employees resigned because everyone was afraid of being implicated, especially the middle and upper management. On the contrary, the workers at the bottom level did not feel much. If someone were to be caught, it would not be the bottom-class people’s turn. If they wanted to resign, it would not be too late to wait until the company completely closed down.

Just when everyone was watching Waltz on how she was going to handle the crisis, several people from Department Six walked into the meeting room.

“Who is Waltz Fleur?”

“Get up and follow us!”

The person who spoke was Uncle Johansson whom Gill had called for help. He was in his forties and he was called Lennox Johansson, one of the commanders in Department Six.


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