The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2394

Chapter 2394 

The reporters pointed their cameras at Cameron. “Ms. Southern, is it true? Are you married?” 

She pressed her lips together and nodded. “Yes.” 

The reporter continued. “I heard that you’re the daughter of Mr. Sunny Southern from the East Islands and used to live there dressed up as a man. Why did you do that?” 

Cameron looked at the reporter and replied. “Is that not allowed?” 

The reporter choked, then smiled awkwardly. “It is, but you’re a girl and pretended to be a man for over 20 years. Don’t you think it’s a bad idea?” 

Cameron smiled. “Are you being s*xist?” 

The sharp question threw the reporter off, and he was stumped. 

Cameron continued. “I did live with a bunch of men while dressed up as a man, but my father is a man too. 

“The East Islands are quite a chaotic place. My father hid my identity to protect me. I lived with them for over two decades, and other than being a little rough around the edges and unruly, they’re kind, honest, and loyal. Why would my gender matter? 

“Are you saying that to you, dressing up as a man and living with my family and friends is immoral?” 

It was so quiet there after her answer that one could hear a pin drop. 

Cameron looked down. “You’ve slandered me, and I can deal with that, but I can’t accept you doing that to my father and the Southern Clan. 

“We’ve never done anything illegal and unacceptable. Even when my father traveled around the globe and settled down in Southeast Eurasia, he never brought trouble, didn’t extort money, and didn’t give out loans at ridiculous rates. 

“He treats the people in our clan as well as he can and is lenient to his friends. I don’t wish to hear any more slander or someone attacking my family.” 

After Cameron finished speaking, the reporters started clapping, but the one who had asked looked awkward. 

Waylon turned to look at Cameron. 

Cameron also turned to look at him, then raised her brows and smiled. 

He held her hand and looked toward the reporters. “Do you have any more questions? We’ll answer them as a couple.” 

After the news was posted online, the people questioning them were silenced. 

Most of the netizens supported Cameron. After the news about their marriage broke out, the previous rumors were quashed. 

After Titus argued with Twitter users for three days, he got into trending and started getting fans. They all thought he was ‘the old man who was worried about his grandson‘. 

Minzy, sitting in the airport lounge, saw the news and was devastated because her hard work had turned into a joke. 

At Emperon… 

Cameron lay in bed and was so tired she didn’t want to move. 

Waylon leaned against the door. “Food?” 

“I’m tired.” 

She was too lazy to move. 

Waylon smiled, walked over to her, and picked her up. 

Cameron put her arms around his neck. “What are we having?” 

“You’ll find out.” 

Waylon carried her down the stairs, and a familiar aroma floated toward them. She immediately jumped out of his arms and ran to the table. “Barbequed ribs?” 

She turned her head. “You made this?” 

Waylon raised his brows. “Of course.‘ 

She picked one up, took a bite, and immediately gave a thumbs up. “Not bad.” 

Waylon pulled out the chair, took a seat, and pulled Cameron into his arms. Cameron was surprised and turned to look at him. “What- 


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