The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1473

“Who are you people? Who let you people in?”

“What kind of place do you think this is? Get the hell out of here now!”

The people who could join this meeting with Waltz were the absolute top management of Thousand Miles Conglomerate. They were the key people and there were many martial artists among them. Seeing several men in black barging in and calling for Waltz, the CEO, to leave with them, a martial artist immediately stood up.


However, in the next second, a slap landed right on his face. The person who did it was Lennox Johansson.

This person has a pair of big eyes and a crooked, small mouth. At first glance, he was a narrow-minded person. The martial artist who was a director fell on the ground after receiving a slap from Lennox. With a thud, he spat out a mouthful of fallen teeth and blood, shocking everyone at the scene.

Not only did these people dare to barge in, but they even dared to resort to violence.

However, Thousand Miles Conglomerate was not any ordinary company. How could they have not seen blood before when they single-handedly controlled the underworld of California?

At that moment, the majority of the directors stood up and chided.


“Who gave you the permission to beat people up in here?!”

“Someone come! Are the security guards and bodyguards all dead? Grab these few guys!”

The person who yelled was one of the major shareholders of Thousand Miles Conglomerate. He used to be Lord Lex Gunther’s good brother who was willing to risk his life and limb for him. He was Zenon Yan. However, as soon as he said that, the door of the conference room was once again knocked open. A figure flew in and hit the conference table heavily.


The person on the table spat a mouthful of blood. Waltz’s heart skipped a beat and erupted in anger as she could not restrain it any longer. The person was actually Azure.

“Bro Azure, are you okay?”

Waltz jumped onto the conference table and helped Azure get up. Immediately, she took out a healing pill and stuffed it into Azure’s mouth.

She stared sideways at the people before her and said coldly, “Who did this?”

“It’s me. So what?”

A man in his early thirties strutted in from outside the entrance. He had ahead of long hair and was dressed the same as Lennox and the others. He even had a cigarette in his mouth while cynically looking at Waltz who was on the conference table.

At this moment, Waltz was still wearing her red traditional dress. The way she was squatting over there was very seductive. In addition to her devastatingly beautiful features, it made people lose themselves in endless wild and fancy thoughts.

“You deserve to die!”

“I don’ t care who you are, you’re going to pay the price!”

As Waltz stomped the conference table heavily, half of the table underneath her foot had crushed. She charged at the long-haired youth like a ghost, spinning her body continuously in the air while emitting a high-pitched scream.

It was her unique skill, Moon of the Nine Revolutions!

“Hehe, beauty, you’re kinda interesting!”

“But, your Thousand Miles Conglomerate’s greatest Chieftains is just like an ant in my hands. You, a woman, dare to fight against me?”

When the long-haired youth watched Waltz ’s offensive stance, he did not show a hint of fear. On the contrary, he was fire eyed.

Since such a beautiful lady wanted to fight him, he could humiliate and take advantage of her by touching and hugging while fighting her.

He spat the cigarette out and extended one arm to press toward that part of Waltz.

“Hmph! ” Waltz’s eyes turned even sterner. Her long leg chopped down viciously.



There was a clear sound of a bone fracture.

The long-haired youth’s expression changed abruptly, displaying shock and pain. His hand that just wanted to grab Waltz had been severed by her long leg right away. A bone poked out at the arm’s joint, with blood streaming down.



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