The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1474

“You’re a half-stepped Grandmaster? How can you be so strong?”

The long-haired youth took several steps backwards until his back touched the wall. He was holding onto his broken arm with a pale face.

Several people from Department Six were shocked at the same time. They had received the wrong information.

According to the information that they had, Azure Storm was Thousand Miles Conglomerate’s strongest martial artist and he had control of California’s underworld. Other than Azure, there were no other great martial artists. As for Waltz Fleur, she should only be an Intermediate-Royal ranked martial artist. How could she be a half-stepped Grandmaster?!

“You people deserve to die for trespassing Thousand Miles Conglomerate and hurting my people!”

Waltz stood up with a surging aura.

At this time, the other shareholders and senior executives of Thousand Miles Conglomerate were impressed by Waltz’s powerful aura.

Everyone clapped for her.

“Almighty Miss Fleur!”

“Almighty Miss Fleur!”

Lennox’s eyes turned cold as he shouted sternly, “Presumptuous! Waltz Fleur, how dare you hurt my Department Six’s people? How should you be punished? Kneel down immediately and confess your crime. Otherwise, we shall kill you without hesitation!”

“Department Six?”

Fleur’s pupils shrank.

When Alex was interrogated by three parties at the Zimmers’ residence last time, the Lord Commander from Department Six was present at the scene and fought Geronimo Melvis. The Martial Honor’s strength had shocked everyone present. Even President Melvis was no match for him.

Meanwhile, many people at the scene had not heard of the secret department’s name, Department Six.

Several people even made snide remarks.

“What Department Six? What a mess. Do they think they’re filming some medieval series? We’re still with the Knights Templar, and I’ll be Jacques de Molay then!”

“Hahaha! That’s right, this is ridiculous. What do you people even do? Were you people released from the mental institution? You even want our Miss Fleur to kneel before you, do you have the qualification to do so? Why don’t you take a piss to look at yourself?”

The mockery from the several people had made Lennox’s face tremble several times.

Department Six was very powerful and some local officials would tremble three times when they saw them, yet they were ridiculed by a few commoners.

They simply deserved death!

Lennox looked toward Waltz and said, “Does that mean that you’re going to resist the law with violence?”

Waltz said coldly, “I know Grant Xenos from Department Six, but I would really like to go and ask the Lord Commander if you’re actually his subordinate! You’re the ones who play dirty on us, aren’t you? Just a word of advice, don’t flatter the wrong person.”

Lennox’s expression changed. He was slightly suspicious. ‘Does Waltz Fleur really know the Lord Commander?’

However, he soon put away the thought.

Gill Xenos was the Lord Commander’s grandnephew. Even if Waltz knew the Lord Commander, could she be closer to him than Gill?

“Nonsense! Do you think you really know our Lord Commander just because you know his name? Do you think I’m easily scared?”

Waltz said, “Well, you could try!”

Lennox scowled and said, “Waltz Fleur, don’t mislead yourself! I’ll give you two options. First, hand over Doctor Rockefeller and follow me to kneel before Young Master Gill Xenos for an apology. Second, your Thousand Miles Conglomerate shall be completely banished and all the senior executives will be jailed.”

Fleur smiled. She pointed at the camera in the corner of the meeting room and said, “Aren’t you afraid that your actions will be recorded?”

Lennox laughed. “So what? My Department Six doesn’t care about these at all when we deal with cases. Fake footage is everywhere and yours is just one of them!”

“We don’t have anything else to say then!”

“You’re the leader? We can talk again after I take you down!”

Waltz made an instant decision to strike boldly. Waltz used the Moon of the Nine Revolutions to take down Lennox immediately.

However, a few men in black next to Lennox took out their guns at this moment.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Unexpectedly, they fired shots at Waltz without hesitation!


Everyone at the scene was shocked. To their surprise, those people had guns. Furthermore, they even dared to fire shots on the spot.

These people were indeed fearless!

“Waltz!” yelled Azure. He wanted to charge over to save her but he was heavily injured. How could he possibly make it in time?


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