The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2397

Chapter 2397 

Waylon narrowed his eyes as he looked at Cameron. It seemed to him that Cameron was being jealous again. 

The woman sneered and said, “Sir, is he your friend? He looks like a sissy Are you sure your s*xual orientation is all right?” 

Cameron’s face sank. 

Before she could say anything, Waylon grabbed her into his arms and said, “That’s right. I like someone like him.” 

“Ugh, you guys are sick!” The woman chided before storming away. 

Cameron turned around to glare at Waylon. She pushed him away and said, “You have a lot of unwanted romantic encounters. 

Waylon lifted her chin. “Are you mad, Cam?” 

“Don’t be silly,” replied Cameron. “There’s no way I’d be jealous of an old woman like her. Waylon suddenly scooped her up from the floor. They were on the sea now, and she was so startled that she froze. “Wayne, what are you… 

He carried her into the room and put her on the bed. Then, before she knew anything, he leaned on her and trapped her in his arms. “Why did you change back to your man outfit?” 

She turned her face sideways. “What’s the matter? You don’t like it?” 

He chuckled. “Nope.” 

He placed his finger on the corner of her lips and said, “It’s just that we haven’t tried to do that in your man outfit, so why don’t we…” 

Cameron hastily closed his mouth as her face turned. “Zip it!” 

Waylon stopped teasing her and got up. As he dusted his shirt, he said, “That woman is hiding something.” 

Cameron asked curiously, “She’s hiding something?” 

“Yeah,” he replied faintly. “I suspect that there’s an illegal organization on this cruise. I can smell Formalin on that woman. 

When they were boarding the cruise, he noticed a group of people looking for “prey” among the crowd. One of the men had something in his waist that Waylon suspected to be weapons. 

Not only that, but the man placed his hand on his waist the whole time. Normal people would not do that as that was the movement before one drew his or her weapon. 

Cameron frowned. “Formalin? Isn’t that a preservative?” 

Waylon caressed her head and said, “That’s right. It seems like we’re in for a wild ride.” 

An illegal organization and Formalin…. 

Cameron suddenly remembered something and said, “I’ve heard from my dad before. There are a group of people from Southeast Eurasia who specialize in trafficking “human organs”. 

Many private cargo ships or cruises have dealings with them. These people will look for ‘prey’, especially young men, on ships.” 

Then, Cameron suddenly looked toward Waylon. 

She moved away from him and said, “Oh my. You’re their next target. I need to stay away you.” 


Waylon laughed and stretched his arm to pull her into his arms. “You said she’s an old woman. May be you’re their first target.” 

Cameron pushed his arm away. “Does this mean that nobody on this cruise is safe?” 

“Yeah. I’ve been observing them the whole time. They don’t dare to lay their hands on people with reputations. After all, they’ll be in big trouble if someone finds out their deal.” 

They were smart. They only targeted unaware young men of no background who had left their hometown to work. 

Even though it wouldn’t kill those people, missing a kidney and being operated on in a non- medical facility could be harmful. 

Cameron crossed her arms in front of her chest and said, “Lucky them. They’ve run into me this time.” 

Waylon placed his finger on her lips and said, “Shush. Don’t speak.” 

At that moment, they heard a series of footsteps from the corridor. Then, someone knocked on their door. 

Waylon got up to open the door. It was a crew member of the cruise. He was pushing the meal trolley as he said, “Hello, this is our cruise ship’s meal for all passengers. Please enjoy it.” 

“Thank you.” Waylon nodded. 

After the man left, Waylon pushed the meal trolley into the room. 

Cameron got up, opened the lid, and realized that all of them were western dishes.


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