The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1475

Gunshots stopped, leaving only dead silence at the scene.

Lennox looked at the fallen Waltz with disdain in his eyes.

“Hmph! Except for that chief steward, nobody in America dares to confront Department Six. You’re an idiot to fight against us. Don’t blame anyone if you die because you have a death wish!”

Meanwhile, the people from Thousand Miles of Conglomerate stared at Waltz and the bloodstains on the ground. They were shocked and terrified.

Even Miss Fleur was beaten to death on the Spot. Wouldn’t people like them be casually dealt with?

As Azure rushed to Waltz’s side, he shouted with reddened eyes, “Waltz! Waltz! No!”

This was his sister, someone who was even Closer than a biological sister. She was also the girl whom he once loved. Yet, she had been shot dead right before his eyes now. He hated it!

“I’ll fight you with my life!” Azure roared like a beast. He was ready to pounce up to Lennox and die with him. He believed that he could do that.

However, a red shadow flashed by their eyes. Just when everyone thought that Waltz was dead, she suddenly burst into action.

She charged right beside Lennox in a split second and choked his neck. Two of her fingers directly pierced through the skin on his neck, with half an inch into his flesh. Two trails of blood wounds were formed as blood flowed down her fingers.


“She’s not dead!”

The people from Department Six were shocked, so they immediately fired their guns at Waltz again.

However, Waltz hid behind Lennox and applied force on her fingers again, going into another half an inch. Lennox could feel a tremendous pain in his neck. This was his first time in life to be so close to the Grim Reaper. He felt so painful that he screamed terribly like a pig being slaughtered. Facing the several guns that were aimed in his direction, he immediately reminded his subordinates of Department Six in a loud voice. “Lower your guns! Lower your guns immediately! Watch out for misfires!”

After looking at each other, several people from Department Six put down their guns.

Waltz ridiculed. “I didn’t expect you to be quite afraid of death. I haven’t even said anything and you’ve already asked them to lower their guns.”

Azure was overjoyed. “Waltz, you aren’t dead! I was scared witless!”

Waltz grunted. “These rubbish can’t kill me.”

However, only she knew that it was still very dangerous just now.

Never did she expect that Lennox and his subordinates would be so lawless. Not only did they accuse them by framing them, but they even shot her under the circumstances without any evidence. It was her fault of negligence that such a department like Department Six had great power. She had just broken the long-haired youth’s arm earlier, so Department Six had an excuse to kill her without bearing any responsibilities.

If she had not worn the Galactic Protection Amulet made by Alex personally all the time, she would not have been able to dodge the few bullets at the beginning. However, the Galactic Protection Amulet had helped her block at least four shots.

Then, she quickly dodge the rest and avoid the vitals. However, two shots had hit her in the end, one brushed through the edge of her stomach while the other hit her left arm.

She faked her death earlier to wait for a good opportunity. Until Lennox had finally put his guard down, she captured him in one blow.

“Waltz, you should know very well that fighting against Department Six won’t do you any good. If you dare to kill me today, I guarantee that you’ll regret it for sure!” Lennox’s neck was in great pain and his whole body was trembling, yet he did not forget to threaten Waltz.

“You people are going to shoot me to death anyway. What else can I regret? Killing one is worth the cost, and killing two is a good bargain.”

“You… Let me be honest with you. The main troop of Department Six is just right outside. The gunshots earlier must have alerted them and they’ll charge in here soon. If you kill me right now, you people will all die here!”

Bang! Bang!

After he said that, there were two loud sounds.

The glass window on the east side of the meeting room was heavily shattered by someone and slammed open. Two heavily armed men in black came crashing in.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

As the sounds of three cans dropping on the ground were heard, a huge swath of tear gas flooded the entire meeting room in the blink of an eye.

Immediately afterwards, loud footsteps came from outside the door.

The main troop of Department Six had indeed arrived.

“Knock out all the targets!”

“Kill all the rebels!”

“Execute Waltz Fleur on the spot!”


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