The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1476

Waltz heard a man’s cold and merciless voice, but she didn’t have Alex’s capabilities. The tear gas had stung her eyes, making the tears flow out turbulently. She couldn’t open her eyes at all, and couldn’t see clearly the surrounding situation. She could only tightened her hold on Lennox and moved around according to her memory.

At this moment, she heard someone shouting, “Waltz, over here. Waltz, over here…”

When Waltz felt her back had hit someone, she turned around abruptly, trying her best to open her eyes.

As a result, she saw the black muzzle of a gun aimed right in between her eyes. And, the owner of the gun pulled the trigger without hesitation.



In the building of Thousand Miles Conglomerate, there was a red Porsche 911 parked at the entrance. Rhea Hauffer, who was sitting quietly in the driver’s seat, looked at the inside of the Thousand Miles Conglomerate building through the car window.

At this moment, countless people were running out of the building in panic.

Everyone’s face was filled with fear and anxiousness. Some people among the crowd fell, and then were trampled on.

“Sigh!” Rhea sighed, before saying quietly, “I already said that you would regret it! Fool, what a fool! You thought that it was commendably courageous, but in fact it was just stupid! Such a privileged institution like Department Six is not something that you, an insignificant figure from the underworld, can mess with! You are what the people say you are, after all!”

“It’s fine, forget it. After all, you are unrefined and not presentable. I, Rhea Hauffer, just wanted to give you some praise, yet you didn’t seize the opportunity.”

She started the car and was about to leave the place. Suddenly, a helicopter flew over frantically. The helicopter had yet to land, and it was still dozens of meters above the ground. All of a sudden, a figure jumped down abruptly.


The figure fell directly in front of the building, on the roof of a law enforcement vehicle. In that instant, the entire car was flattened into a scrap metal.

Then, a thunderous voice sounded. “You lapdogs from Department Six, how dare you touch my grandson’s wife?! I want you all to die!”

Immediately afterwards, a few more figures jumped down from the helicopter. The few people rushed into the building like a gust of wind.

All the people from Department Six who were guarding the door were shocked.

Rhea was taken aback as her eyes widened in shock.

‘There are still people coming to help them at this time? They clearly have high level martial arts, who are they?’

However, she soon shook her head and muttered, “No matter who comes over, it’s all useless. Fighting against Department Six, the only end you get from it is obliteration! Azure Storm, this is your own choice!”

Rhea didn’t intend to continue watching, so she drove off. It was because she felt that no matter how the process was, the ending was already cast in stone.



A gunshot sounded out.

Waltz thought that she would be dead for sure.

Without the Galactic Protection Amulet, it was impossible to dodge the high speed bullets fired at such a near distance.

However, the expected pain on her head didn’t appear.

‘Could it be that taking a bullet to the head felt like this?’

Just as she was feeling cold all over her body, She saw a woman standing in front of her amidst the white smoke all around them. The woman had used dainty, fair hands to block the muzzle of the gun, as well as stop the bullet from coming out.

“Have you asked for my permission before killing her?”


The cold body of the gun was twisted and now resembled a twisted knot bun.

Waltz recognized the owner of this voice.



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