The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1477

The person who came was none other than Aunt Rockefeller.

After a hum, she slashed the neck of the Department Six member who had opened fire with a knife, cutting him down instantly.

The tears continued to leak out from Waltz’s eyes, but she was still unable to withstand the sting from the tear gas and quickly closed her eyes once again. Both her eyes were flushed from the stinging. Even her vision became blurred.

However, she had seen it clearly.

Aunt Rockefeller’s eyes were bright and wide without a single hint of tears in them. It seemed that the tear gas had no effect on her at all. Aunt Rockefeller held Waltz’s hand while guiding her through the conference room. From time to time, she lashed out with a palm or her knife, causing the members of Department Six to fall to the ground silently and make a series of thud sounds.

Waltz could also hear shouts coming from their walkie talkies, but often there was no response to it.

And then, Geronimo rushed in with Brittany, Maya, Holly and the others, as well as a few experts from Divine Constabulary.

“Those lackeys from Department Six, d*mnit, who let you people come in?!”

“They even dare to touch my grandson’s wife, how dare they have the balls to do this?!”

Meanwhile, Brittany and Maya shouted, “Waltz, Waltz, where are you?”

Waltz quickly replied, “Mom, Maya, I’m here!”

As Aunt Rockefeller stood in front of the broken window, her eyes flashed while looking at Brittany who was coming through the smoke.

She didn’t move forward.

Basically, the members of Department Six in the conference room had all been dealt with by her. She believed that Divine Constabulary would be able to deal with the rest of them outside. Seeing Waltz taking a few steps forward and meeting Brittany and the others, she jumped out from the broken window and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

There was only a faint whisper left in the air, “Where did that guy go off to?”


With just a call from Gill Xenos, Lennox and the others began their attack on the Thousand Miles Conglomerate.

Up till now, the people from Department Six had been launching their attacks on Thousand Miles Conglomerate.

In the entire process, a day had already passed.

However, Alex’s phone had been in an uncontactable state, as if he had disappeared from the world.

Aunt Rockefeller had long gone to Rockefeller Manor to look for him, but there was no one there. She had covered the entire manor with her spiritual sense and searched every inch of the place, but still couldn’t find any signs of him.

In the Thousand Miles Conglomerate building, Geronimo and the others had quickly taken control of the situation.

The Lord Commander of Department Six had not shown up, so no one else could pose a threat to Geronimo, who had just officially been promoted to Innate Martial Honor.


Geronimo instantly gave Lennox a slap on his face, and cursed, “Bast*rd! You’re the brute who gave the order to make things difficult for Thousand Miles, to frame them and set them up? God d*mmit, where’s the tax evasion you talked about? Where is the monopoly market they did?”

“And you even dare to open fire against my grandson’s wife?! You’re a stubborn one, aren’t you?”

Slap, slap, slap!

Geronimo gave consecutive slaps to Lennox on the face. Lennox’s nose was bleeding, and his face was sore.

The other members from Department Six next to them didn’t dare to make a sound. No one would have imagined that this old madman from Divine Constabulary would run all the way here to support Thousand Miles Conglomerate, and even said that Waltz was his grandson’s wife.

Lennox was very depressed.

There was immense resentment in his heart right now towards the intelligence system of Department Six right now. How the hell did they investigate it? How could they have omitted such important information about Waltz being the wife of Divine Constabulary’s president’s grandson? This was something that could send them to their death!

Although Gill was the Lord Commander’s grandnephew, Geronimo was a big shot who was on the same level as the Lord Commander.

Lennox wouldn’t have dared to offend Geronimo just in order to please Gill and get into his good graces, until he was out of his mind.


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