The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2400

Chapter 2400 

Many passengers were crying out of fear. Nobody knew what was going on All they knew was that they were in danger. 

When Cameron arrived on the deck, she saw all the passengers had gathered together, their faces filled with fear. Suddenly, the cruise tilted again, and the passengers screamed 

Cameron stumbled and hurriedly held onto the wall. 

A female attendant was so scared that she sat on the floor and cried. Cameron walked over to her and grabbed her shoulders. “Where is the bridge?” 

However, she was so scared that she could not speak. Her colleague was comforting the passengers, and when she heard Cameron’s question, she said, “I know where the bridge is, but why are you going there? Did something happen?” 

Cameron walked over to the attendant and said, “We must make the captain stop the cruise immediately. The cruise has already strayed from its original course. The weather in this area of water is unpredictable. If we come across fog, there’s a high chance we’ll crash into another. cruise.” 


passengers became even more panicked when they heard what Cameron said. “Why is this happening?” 

“I don’t want to die on the sea! I want to go home!” 

“Silence!” shouted Cameron, “It’s the captain’s problem that the cruise strayed off the course. What we need to do now is try our best to stop the cruise.” 

She took a deep breath and asked calmly, “Is there anyone of you who can conn a cruise?” 

Everyone looked at each other. This was a cruise. Even if they had the license, they were talking about hundreds of people here. What if something went wrong and the cruise sank? Who was going to be responsible for that? 

At that moment, a trembling middle-aged man stood up and raised his hand. “I… I know how to conn a cargo ship.” 

His family beside him said, “What are you doing? This is a cruise, not a cargo. Knowing how to conn a cargo doesn’t mean that you know how to conn a cruise.” 

The middle-aged man lowered his head and said, “But what are we supposed to do? We can’t just sit here and wait to die.”. 

Cameron grabbed his hand and chimed in. “You don’t need to conn the cruise. You just need to stop it until the maritime police arrive.” 

The middle-aged man was stunned, and then he nodded. “A-Alright, I’ll try.” 

Cameron called the female attendant and said, “Bring us to the bridge.” 

The female attendant replied, “Sure. Come with me.” 

Meanwhile, the maritime police received a call. “Eastern Sea Cruise is off course. There will be fog in that area in ten minutes, so you have to hurry up.” 

The maritime police commander’s face sank, and he took a deep breath. “Understood.” 

After he hung up the call, he turned around and said, “Send a fog orange warning signal to Eastern Sea Cruise.” 

One of his men replied, “Given the situation, it will be hard to ask them to stop.” 

“Sir! Report!” Another man rushed inside and said, “Eastern Sea Cruise has turned off its positioning system. We can’t see it on the map anymore.” 

The commander massaged his nose. He fell silent for a long while before opening his eyes. ” Are the reinforcements here yet?” 

“Yes. They’re currently searching for Eastern Sea Cruise from the sky.” 

The commander gnashed his teeth. “We need to hurry up.” 

Eastern Sea Cruise continued to sail on the sea. 

They were expected to arrive at Eastern Island in the evening around 5:30 p.m., but now it was already 3:30 p.m., and they were getting farther and farther away from the waters of the East  Islands. 

The female attendant brought Cameron and the middle-aged man to the bridge. However, the door was locked from the inside. She smacked the door and shouted, “Captain, open the door!” 

However, the captain paid her no heed, and the female attendant nearly cried. 

The door was made of metal, so it was impossible for them to break it open with force. 

Cameron asked, “Do you have a key?” 

The female attendant shook her head and said, “We don’t have the key. Only the captain has the key.”


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