The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1478

However, Lennox also understood that with Geronimo’s Short temper, he really would be beaten to death at this rate. Moreover, when the time came, it would be impossible to expect the Lord Commander to go all out against Divine Constabulary just because of one subordinate’s death.

Department Six wouldn’t agree to it, and neither would the higher-ups of the department. So, he needed to save himself, to stand on a moral high ground and manufacture a public opinion.

He protested loudly, “President Melvis, I know that I can’t measure up to you and you can even kill me at any time. You’re the dignified president of Divine Constabulary, and killing me will be as easy as killing a chicken. But, I’m not afraid of you! Department Six stands behind me, and I will not disgrace them! I stand on the side of reason and justice. Evil can never prevail over good since ancient times, so I don’t believe that you can hide the truth from the masses.”

“Evil can never prevail over good? F*cker!” Geronimo cursed out directly. “What do you take me for, a demon? When I was leading Divine Constabulary from the cradle to the grave, you piece of sh*t were still wearing pampers, what justice can you represent?!”

Slap! Slap!

As he said that, he slapped Lennox in the face two more times.

“Do you think I don’t know what you’re trying to do? In order to flatter Grant Xenos’s grandnephew, you blind fella actually wanted to destroy Thousand Miles Conglomerate and kill my grandson’s wife. You think I don’t dare to touch you?”

Lennox yelled, “That’s all your slander! I, Lennox Johannsen, have done what’s right for the sake of justice! I have a clear conscience and feel no qualms! Thousand Miles Conglomerate has developed underworld forces, oppressed the good people and destroyed the markets! Everyone with eyes could see that! And just yesterday, they had brutally broken the limbs of a man named Winel Grundy from Michigan, and today they attacked my people from Department Six. I acted on behalf of Department Six to arrest people, what’s the problem with that?!”

Geronimo frowned.

Right now, in front of so many people’s eyes, this guy kept yelling. As Divine Constabulary’s president, if Geronimo killed him directly, he would definitely face criticism.

Moreover, in principle, Divine Constabulary had no right to execute anyone from Department Six. At the scene, there were at least thirty people from Department Six, their gazes all fixed on him.

‘God d*mmit, I should have just beaten him to death during the mess earlier!’

Just when Geronimo was feeling extremely regretful and Waltz along with everyone else were also unable to do anything, a leisurely voice sounded. “I have a problem with that!”

The moment the voice sounded, Brittany, Waltz and everyone else were overjoyed and let out a breath of relief. It was because they could recognize that the person who came was Alex.

After an entire day, forty eight hours, he had finally woken up.

No, it should be said that he had come back.


Going back in time to a day ago, Alex, who had been enveloped by the golden runes that had been released by the Shattered Chaos bead, saw a huge Reclining Buddha statue. Then, he had disappeared from the room that he had been in.

That was also the reason why Aunt Rockefeller had once come looking for him, but didn’t manage to find any trace of him.

It was because inside that shattered bead, a small universe on its own had been unexpectedly sealed inside.

Alex had been dragged into that small world after being enveloped by the golden runes.

“Adoration to Avalokitesvara the Bodhisattva… Mahasattva who is the great compassionate one…”

The constant chanting was exactly a pure Buddhist melody.

Alex listened to it with his ears, letting the chants fill his heart. It felt as though it possessed certain magical powers, causing him to have a feeling of wanting to head over to worship it immediately. He soon discovered that the Buddhist melodies came from the mouth of the huge Reclining Buddha.

In the huge reclining Buddha statue that traversed the sky and the earth, the mouth looked like a huge cave. Alex had lost himself in the Buddhist melodies.

He walked towards the Reclining Buddha like a zombie, he even intended to climb through its huge mouth. However, just as Alex had one foot in its mouth, the remnant of the Chaos Bead in his mind palace burst out and shook violently.


The shock went through the entire Space.

The endless golden Reclining Buddha also broke from the impact and collapsed like sand. Finally, it turned into nothingness, as though it never existed in the first place.

However, in front of Alex, an old monk with black stripes all over his face appeared.

He gave Alex a ferocious look. “You actually broke my Golden Mirage Dragon.”


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