The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1485

If this scene were to be witnessed by Geronimo, his eyes would have popped out of his head.

The dignified Lord Commander of Department Six actually kneeled for his grandson.

It was simply an unimaginable scene!

“Get up!” Alex waved his hand at Grant. “This matter doesn’t really have much to do with you. But, your dignified Department Six, the highest law enforcement force in the country, looks like a child’s play no matter what. The people in there are all lawless, and they don’t care about their conscience or morals for the sake of flattering you. They could even do something like this. Does the higher-up really have washed his hands of this matter?”

Grant quickly replied, “It’s not like that. This is an isolated case, and it’s the result of Lennox Johansson egging the entire thing on.”

Alex shook his head. “I highly doubt that’s the case. I think you should check the people under you carefully.”

“Yes, I will do a thorough investigation once I get back!”

“I’m not bothered about the matters with Department Six. What’s going on at Dragon Island? Has Leviathan Gate’s sect master come back?” Alex asked.

Between Leviathan Gate and him, there was a deep grievance.

Several Leviathan Gate experts had fallen by Alex’s hands, and even the young master, Seamus Owen had been seriously injured by him… However, he felt it to be strange. Why would a person who would seek revenge for the smallest grievance like Seamus suddenly disappear without making anymore trouble for Alex? He didn’t know that Seamus’s cultivation had already been completely absorbed by Carol Rockefeller a long time ago before he got killed.

Grant Shook his head. “No. Department Six has also tried to track down Blood Fist for a while, but we couldn’t find his trace at all. But… I’ve heard something from Nier Yggdrasill, the Holy Maiden of Leviathan Gate. Blood Fist has a close relationship to a secret sect, and he has a lover that’s also from that sect.”

“A secret sect? What’s the name?”

“I think it’s called the Witch Cult. I’ve never heard of it either!”

Alex furrowed his brows. Why was this getting more complicated?

Blood Fist was the sect master of Leviathan Gate and also had the Blood Cult behind him. Then, now there was this Witch Cult suddenly… Wait a minute, the name of the Witch Cult seemed familiar, as though he had heard it before somewhere.

“Oh, I just recalled. Do you remember the children kidnapping case by the Beggar Gang that had caused an uproar a while ago?”

Grant nodded. “I’ve heard of it, but that case was under Divine Constabulary’s jurisdiction.”

Alex said, “That’s right. The case involved a person named Nanny Kim, and she claimed to be a member of the Witch Cult. Judging from the martial arts cultivated by Nanny Kim, the Witch Cult should be cultivating some kind of demonic cultivation. You can pay some attention to it. I have a feeling that there may be some connection between the Witch Cult and the Blood Cult.”


As they spoke till here, Alex’s spiritual consciousness triggered and felt someone approaching. He immediately stopped the conversation with Grant, and soon discovered that it was that little brat, Holly, who was trying to sneak up on them.

Alex smiled lightly and said to Grant, “Lord Commander, if there’s nothing else, then please go on back! I won’t be inviting you to dine with my family.”

Grant was also an amazing person.

He chuckled and said, “Hmph, who wants to dine in your house? Old Melvis is vicious, I’m more afraid that he would slip poison into my food! I’m leaving, brat. You’re on your own!”

Having said that, Grant jumped high up in the air and flew off.


Alex glanced at the bushes nearby, then he picked up a branch and threw it in that direction.

“Ah!” Holly was startled and exclaimed.

Alex laughed. “Come on out, Holly. Aren’t you afraid that the ants will get into your ears while hiding in the bushes?”

Holly jumped out. “Bro, how did you find me? I already hid myself well enough.”

Alex joked. “You have the scent of milk on you, I can smell it from a mile away.”

“Impossible, I don’t have milk on me, how could I smell like that?”


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