The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1486


Back in the main hall, seeing Alex safe and sound, Brittany, Geronimo, and everyone else let out a breath of relief. Geronimo asked what Grant had spoken to him about, and Alex found some excuses to muddle through the questioning before everyone started chatting once again.

Then, Geronimo brought up a topic that he wasn’t aware of being sensitive and said, “Daughter, your husband has already been gone for a year. You’re young and beautiful. You can’t intend to stay widowed forever, right? Do you want me to ask your second mother to find you a suitable man?”

Alex immediately replied, “No!”

Geronimo glared at Alex. “Oh, you stinky brat. You already have so many wives and concubines. How can you let your mother be a widow? Your mother is also a normal woman, and she has needs. It can’t be that you expect her to rely on herself only every day?”

This old man was speaking so shamelessly.

Brittany’s face was already flushed from embarrassment and immediately interrupted Geronimo’s words. “Let’s not talk about this anymore. I won’t agree to it.”

Geronimo blamed Alex as he said, “Daughter, don’t be bothered by this kid. He’s already so old, and you don’t have to put too much consideration into his acceptance. The most important thing is your happiness. A woman can’t be happy in life without a man, don’t you think so?”

After a pause, he continued, “There are a lot of good men in Alaska. There are officials. There are the rich ones. Some are advanced in martial arts and even celebrities. As long as you like it, I will definitely help you as your father.”

Alex rolled his eyes and thought, ‘Someday, my father is going to come back, and if he finds out that his wife has remarried, he might explode on the spot.’

However, looking at Geronimo, it seemed that the old man wasn’t just saying the words. He was genuinely concerned that this old man would end up matchmaking his mother, and even if it didn’t work out in the end. Once word got out, it wouldn’t be good for his mother’s reputation.

Alex spoke immediately. “No, I already said no, so, nooo!”

“I say, you kid. Why can’t you stand in your mother’s shoes and think about it? I know you can’t accept having a stepfather emotionally, but your father is already gone…”

“He’s not dead.”

“He’s already gone for a year, and you’re saying he’s not dead? He… Uh, what did you just say?” Geronimo was taken aback.

Brittany’s eyes widened. “Alex, what did you say? Your father isn’t dead? What do you mean?”

“Uh…” Alex scratched his cheeks. “Alright, I’ll tell you the truth. My dad faked his death. He’s not dead!”


Brittany felt like a bomb had gone off in her mind. She grasped her son’s hand tightly. “He faked his death? Then, where is he now? Where is he? Why didn’t he come to us?”

“I don’t know the specifics about his whereabouts right now,” Alex said. “But the ashes of his aren’t real, and it was ashes of an old sow. According to my investigations over the past six months, he may have gone to a specific place…”

Brittany was so excited that she was incapable of being any more excited at this moment.

When Alex had said that his father wasn’t just some ordinary commoner, that not only was he a Grandmaster, and he was also a cultivator and head military instructor in Hidden Dragon, everyone present was stunned. Even Geronimo.

As for Brittany, she knocked her forehead and muttered, “Hidden Dragon, Hidden Dragon… I… I feel like there’s some impression of it. B-But why can’t I remember anything? I should remember it, I… ”

She was acting strangely. Then, after a while, she suddenly exclaimed and fell to the ground.

“Ah! Morn, Mom! What’s wrong!”

“Daughter, Daughter?!”

Brittany had fainted unexpectedly, and everyone was terrified.

As the Ultimate Book of Medicine inheritor, Alex hurriedly examined her using various methods, and the results surprised him.

There was something abnormal about Brittany’s soul!

Ordinary people had three souls and seven spirit components to their entire soul, and none of them were indispensable. However, Brittany only had two soul and six spirit components, lacking one each from the components. And she appeared to be normal because, in her sea of consciousness, two Soul Substitute Lotus Seeds served as the substitute of those components missing from her soul.


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