The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2409

Chapter 2409 

After a long pause, Zephir chuckled. “I don’t even know myself.” 

At Taylorton… 

Daisie told Nollace about her lunch with Leah. 

Nollace peeled some oranges for her and fed her but couldn’t help but chuckle. “What did you eat?” 

Daisie sat on his thighs and ate the orange. “Everything. But I noticed that I don’t really have an appetite recently, which is fine, but I gained weight.” 

She suspected that she was pregnant, but wouldn’t she want to eat more if she was? 

If she didn’t have an appetite, it was mostly because her sleep cycle wasn’t consistent. Her period was probably late because her hormones were imbalanced. 

Nollace paused, then looked at her. 

Daisie didn’t notice the change in his eyes and continued talking. “Actresses always worry about gaining weight. It’s your fault for always making great food for me and making me fat.” 

She started ‘complaining’ again. 

Nollace placed the oranges on a plate and said, “You would grow fat even if I didn’t feed you.” 

She choked. “Why?” 

He pinched her cheek and smiled. “You’ll need to gain weight eventually.” 

Daisie didn’t have time to think about what he said because she got a call from the company. She slowly got up. “Alright, I’ head over now.” 

Nollace helped her because he was worried that she might trip. “Be careful.” 

Daisie sat back down, put her arms around his neck, and smiled. “Nolly, I’ll go back to Yaramoor with you. when my vacation days are confirmed.” 

He paused and smiled while patting her head. “Sure.” 

Daisie looked up. “Give me a kiss.” 

He planted a kiss on her lips while his eyes filled with love. 

After watching her leave, he picked up his phone and called Edison. “Help me to get an appointment at the Obstetrics and Children’s Department tomorrow.” 

Edison was stunned. ‘Obstetrics and Children’s Department? Is Ms. Vanderbilt pregnant!?” 

He had to inform Rick and Diana about the good news! 


Daisie was getting her makeup done for a commercial shoot. The stylist gave her a mermaid skirt, and it hugged her figure tightly. 

Daisie was changing into it, but when she pulled the zipper around her waist, it felt like it was tight. 

She held her breath and frowned, then walked out. “Isn’t this my size? I think it’s smaller.” 

The assistant checked the information. “No, this is made based on your measurements.” 

“Really?” Daisie looked at her belly. She hadn’t been eating a lot recently and mostly drank water. Had she become someone who would gain weight just by drinking water? 

The assistant noticed something and walked over. “Daisie, did you gain a little bit of weight?” 

Daisie placed her hand on her forehead because someone else could tell. “Maybe. Could you help me alter the waistline? It’s pretty uncomfortable.” 

The assistant was hesitant. “But the sponsors lent it to us.” 

“It’s alright. I’ll buy it.” 

If she paid for it, the dress would be hers, and she would be able to alter it. 

The assistant took a deep breath because this daughter of the Goldmann family could just buy a skirt worth a few thousand dollars. 

She was just going to wear it once. That was such a luxury! 

The next day, after the visual effects were done for the ad, everyone’s attention was on Daisie’s waist. 

Why do I feel that her waist has turned thicker?

#No way. Female celebrities should have a bit of meat on their bones. If they’re just skin and bones, they look unhealthy!# 


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