The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1487

“Soul Substitute Lotus Seed?”

“Why is it here?!”

Once Alex had examined Brittany’s condition, he collapsed to the ground in disbelief.

Geronimo was also dumbfounded and quickly asked, “What is this Soul Substitute Lotus Seed? Alex, hurry up and tell us! What’s wrong with your mother?”

Maya, Waltz, Michelle, and everyone else were also distracted and summed, and they hurriedly helped Alex off the ground.

Alex’s face was pale, and his heart ached. “My mother’s soul is not complete. Usually, a person’s soul has three souls and seven spirits components to make up a whole soul. But, she only has two souls and six spirits components. She’s missing one from each, and the Soul Substitute Lotus Seed is serving as a substitute for those missing parts. It’s a kind of spiritual device, and it’s really rare, but there are times when it will also shatter.”


“Then, how is Mom now?” Maya asked.

“Although she appears to be normal with the use of the Soul Substitute Lotus Seed, it’s a consumable item. In time, the device will eventually lose its powers. Also, if the spirit and mind deteriorate excessively, the consumption of the spiritual device will be faster. Once it’s consumed, it will come to this, and the person will be no different than a vegetative person. Moreover, if there’s no Soul Substitute Lotus Seed, the longer the components of the soul are missing, there will be deeper side effects after!”

When he said it till here, Alex hated himself deeply and whacked his own head.

‘How could I be so stupid and not be able to see this earlier?’

“Her situation when she was in a coma was more beneficial to her! The Lotus Seed’s spiritual powers wouldn’t be consumed if she had been in that state. It’s because of my self-righteousness. It’s me. I’m the one who did this to her!”

Maya burst into tears and hugged Alex. “Brother, don’t be like this! You didn’t want this! The most important thing right now is to find a way to save Mom! After the Soul Substitute Lotus Seed has been consumed, can we still find any more? And where can we find it?”

Alex pulled himself together and slowly calmed down before saying, “Soul Substitute Lotus Seeds are dark items, and they generally grow underground. For example, large tombs…”

Just as he said that he suddenly slapped his thigh as a thought came into his head.

“I understand. I understand now why my father went into Caesar’s tomb! He must have gone in to look for the Soul Substitute Lotus Seed, he… I found that he went again into Caesar’s tomb, and that was also the last place he was seen. Could it be that he’s stuck inside and unable to come out?”

Alex was taken aback by his guess.

He had always thought that his father entered the tomb for other things, such as the key that corresponded to the Holy Book or something else, and that once he got it, he had faked his death to head somewhere else. However, if he had gone into the tomb to look for the Lotus Seed, he should have returned earlier.

Now that he had been gone for a year. It was highly likely that he really has…

Alex didn’t dare to linger too long on this line of thought.

Alex needed to hurry to the tomb as soon as possible.

‘Maybe, maybe he was still alive!’


Ring ring, ring ring!

Cheryl’s phone rang.

She also knew about what had happened in Thousand Miles over the past two days, but she was just a doctor with limited abilities and knew that she wouldn’t be much help at all. So, she could only watch as the situation developed. Fortunately, she received news that the danger looming over Thousand Miles had passed.

Just an hour ago, the officials in California had issued a special notice to clarify and clear up Thousand Miles Conglomerate’s name. With evidence to prove their innocence.

As for the previous large-scale store closures and unfavorable remarks that had clamored up, the police had come forward to state that there had been criminals who had reported those things. These criminals had violated the law by planting those
malicious comments as well as setting up Thousand Miles. However, everything had been looked into new, and the criminals had been apprehended. All negative news about Thousand Miles had been withdrawn completely.

The moment the news came out, California was once again in a stir.

Some were happy, while some were worried.

Especially those who hadn’t been able to withstand the pressure. When the Thousand Miles Conglomerate was in trouble, all the personnel who had suggested to resign had been blacklisted by Waltz and would never be hired again. Those companies that failed to withstand the pressure and terminated their contracts with Thousand Miles had also suffered losses of varying
degrees. Even if there were future collaborations, these companies would be ranked at the bottom of the list.

Therefore, Cheryl felt relieved as well.


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