The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1498

“Baby, I’ll definitely let you see your father safely! If he knew you existed in this world, he will surely be surprised!”

Daya gently stroked her belly, which had a slight bulge at this time. She was pregnant. Counting the days, it was almost her third month.

After entering the Stoermer family’s secret realm, she had confirmed she was pregnant. However, after she had entered, there was no way to leave this place, and it had been two years since. In addition, there had been some problems in the realm, which made it more dangerous than usual.

“Daya, be careful!”

“Sister, you have to live. You can’t die!”

On the tree, there were two others.

It was an old lady and a girl who looked to be eleven or twelve years old. They were both from the Stoermer family, but they were injured and could no longer fight.


Daya’s eyes were cold, looking at the wolves which were edging closer to them.



Her mental power was like a raging ocean, bursting out in big waves.

She carried a long knife in her hand, turning into a war goddess as she rushed toward the wolves. She left an afterimage after every slash as she moved, and each stroke brought out streaks of wolf blood.

Daya was blood-soaked, and she fought hard!


That was right, Daya had taken only two months to awaken her bloodline!

However, she was here, where she consistently faced threats of life and death.


Six in the evening, at Prosperous Hotel, Room 1208. It was the place that Susan Hunter had gathered everyone to meet Alex.

And now, the group of people were once again gathered here.

“Kenneth, how is your wife? Is her cancer cured now?” Darven asked Kenneth.

“Yes, she’s been cured! Young Master Alex really is a peerless genius doctor!” Kenneth said. “Not only did he cure my wife’s cancer, but he also made her younger by five years.”

In that instant, many people present were shocked.

“She’s really cured?!”

“Oh my god, cancer that has reached an advanced stage can also be cured? This Young Master Alex is even more awesome than his father, William!”

“What kind of concept is that, making her five years younger? That’s just too amazing!”

Then, someone asked the long-legged beauty, Freya. “Miss Freya, your brain’s… Ah, no. The problem you had after falling into the water when you were a child has also been cured, right?”

There was no doubt about this matter at all.

Susan smiled. “If Alex hadn’t cured Miss Freya, she wouldn’t even be here today. I think she looks very well today, and her aura is stronger than before. I think you’ve made a breakthrough, haven’t you? Congratulations, congratulations!”

Freya nodded. “I have indeed made a breakthrough. Alex’s medical skills are indeed unique.”

Kenneth laughed and said, “Miss Freya, I heard that in the Exorcist Dragons, you have to get married when you reach the age of 27. Otherwise, you can only remain an old aunt for life if you miss that age! How old are you this year, Miss Freya? I think Young Master Alex is the right person and is more than a good match for you as a descendent of the Exorcist Dragons, right?”

As soon as he said this, everyone looked at Freya.

Freya’s heart thumped in her chest, suddenly thinking of her mother’s words. Her father had read her fortune before this, saying that she would meet her destined partner that would help her break through the bottleneck she had experienced.

‘Then, wouldn’t that mean it was Alex?’


“To be a son-in-law of the Exorcist Dragons is very demanding. Young Master Alex’s medical skills may be good, but he isn’t suited to be my husband with just that.”

In her mind, she thought, ‘That little thief, he couldn’t catch my eyes even if he tried!’

At this point, Alex walked in.

Two other people followed him in. One was Dorothy, who had used the Transformation technique to look like Aunt Rockefeller, and the other was Quincy Zoppins, otherwise known as Clown.

Freya’s gaze changed the moment she caught sight of Aunt Rockefeller.

What a beautiful woman!

Standing in front of such a woman, Freya suddenly felt ashamed and small.

‘Who is she?’


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