The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1499

“Senior!” When Quincy saw Zayne York, he rushed into the room as he shouted, throwing his arms around Zayne. His gaze and expression were as though he had thrown himself at his father.

Also, tears were leaking from his eyes. How cruel had Quincy been?

There had been such a big battle when he had kidnapped Daya. Not only did he hire foreign killers, but he had also used helicopters and sea cruise ships to hoist the car Daya was in onto the cruise ship. He had been extremely arrogant.

And now, he was crying like a child.

“Senior, you can’t go into Caesar‘s tomb. It’s a cannibalistic place! What if something goes wrong?”

“I barely escaped with my life the last time. Do I have to go through it again?”

Zayne waved his hand. “I’ve already decided. Also, I’m the brightest and the best of the Drifters, as well as their leader. How can I just go back on my word? But, you don’t have to go in. You can stay outside.”

Quincy shook his head. “How can I not go? If you go, of course, I will go. We’re brothers, one from Drifters and one from Abstracts. Together we will live, and divided, we will fall. I will never leave you behind.”

Zayne pointed at Susan. “We already have an officer from Abstracts.”

“Her?” Quincy snorted. “What does she amount to? The last time we went into the tomb, if it weren’t for William’s protection, she would have died many times over. Those little Abstract skills she has is nothing worth looking at.”

Susan didn’t feel any affectionate feelings toward Quincy. Not only did he have an aggressive appearance, but even his words were also unpleasant to listen to.

She sneered. “What’s wrong with the little skills I have? Isn’t it better than your half baked fake strength you have? You can’t even speak properly of Caesar’s tomb, despite being one of the few who survived. People like you will only be cannon fodder when we enter the tomb.”

The two of them continued to have a go at each other.

Dorothy couldn’t stand it anymore. She frowned and said to Alex, “Who are all these people? A bunch of mobs. They don’t even have much ability, and they’re even turning on each other before we go down into the tomb. What’s the point of bringing them?”

With those words, everyone present was offended.

However, Dorothy was filled with confidence.

She was a Core Fonnation master. No one here would be able to match up to her.

An ordinary woman like Susan Hunter, who had no cultivation base or skills, naturally was not even significant in Dorothy’s eyes.

Susan was William’s woman, and she took herself to be Alex’s mother, who had a higher status. She frowned and asked, “Alex, who is this with such a boastful tone?”

Alex replied, “She’s my aunt.”

“What?” Susan’s mouth was open wide, her jaw slack.

Alex’s aunt, didn’t that mean she was William’s sister? Looking at how young she was, she must be William’s younger sister.

Then, that would mean that she was Susan’s sister-in-law.

Susan’s expression changed immediately. Since she was Susan’s sister-in-law, didn’t that mean she had to get into the woman’s good graces?

“Hehe, so it turns out to be Brother William’s sister. I… I’m…”

Before she could say anything else, Dorothy said, “She’s the woman that your father had on the side?”

“Uh… Why do you have to say that?” Alex hurriedly diverted the topic, getting on the main topic at hand. “The Sky Tower project has been launched, and I’ve gotten the entrance of the tomb all surrounded up to one kilometer around it. Time is of the essence, and tonight at twelve, we’ll be heading in.”

“What? So soon?!” Susan was astonished.

“Yes, I’m in a hurry,” Alex said. “Susan, I want to ask you something. The last time you guys went down to the tomb, did you see any black lotuses?”

“Black lotuses? Is there such a color on lotuses?” Susan’s face was blank.

Alex’s heart sank.

Could it be that there wasn’t any there?

His father didn’t manage to get it back then?

Freya spoke up at this moment. “You’re talking about the Black Soul Lotus Seed?”

Alex’s eyes brightened. “Yes, that’s right. It’s called the Black Soul Lotus Seed, do you know about it?”

Freya nodded. “You can indeed find them in Caesar’s tomb. I’ve seen it before. Your father once picked two of them, and it’s called Soul Substitute Lotus Seed.”

Alex was suddenly excited.

It really was true.


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