The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1502

Princess Fleur was reprimanded for an ignorant utterance for no reason. How could she stay quiet?

She was immediately angry. “What’s with all the incense down the tomb to comfort the spirit of the tomb. All these are only self-deceptions! If the ghost of the tomb master is still alive and knows that we went down to the tomb to take his things, will he spare us just because of this little piece of junk incense?”

Dorothy said, “Since it‘s their tradition, just do it. And… Fleur, shut up.”

Since aunt spoke up, naturally, Fleur didn’t dare to say anything else.

The incense burning was completed.

Alex was the first to go down the tomb. With a swish, he jumped down.

Then, Princess Fleur and Maya followed. Next were Susan, Quincy, Kenneth, Darven and Zayne.

Dorothy was the last to enter. Azure and the others waited outside.

When they were going down the tomb, Alex brought a communication radio to stay in touch.

Very soon. Everyone landed.

Princess Fleur stepped onto the ground beneath her. “Is this the extraterrestrial meteorite?”

Alex and Dorothy looked at it carefully. In the very next second, the two of them exchanged glances and seemed stunned.

This was not an extraterrestrial meteorite but a gloomy bloodstone. Despite the blackened surface, this was not the stone’s original color.

This stone was soaked in fresh blood for months and years. After the precipitation of hundreds and thousands of years, then the gloomy bloodstone was formed. It was indestructible and harder than diamond.

If one was not mistaken.

Behind the stone was the formation chart, which was carved.

If a pile driver could break this stone, that would be illogical.

They had just arrived at the tomb and not yet entered it. However, they encountered this kind of rare and unique object. Alex and Dorothy’s heart sank. It looked like Caesar’s tomb was far from easy, contrary to what Susan told them.

“Fleur, sister, how about you all return to the surface?” Alex said, “If there’s anything, I will contact you.”

“I just came down, and you’re kicking me out? Let me take a look at it! I haven‘t robbed a tomb yet!”

Quincy interjected, “Beauty, why don’t you follow me? I’ll protect you and take you to appreciate the fun of tomb raiding.”

“Forget it. You are the weakest of all the men. You’d better think about how to survive to make a round trip?” Fleur said disdainfully, “My man just helped you recover your energy core. You don’t want to go back to how you were before, do you? How dare you flirt with me?”


In the eyes of others, this statement made by Fleur made her sound like she was Alex’s wife.

Freya then took a second look at Fleur.

After going down the deep well, there was another passage inside more than two meters high. The opening was small but wide inside.

At the end of the passage was a stone door.

Azure and the others had long been to this location. The light wire had been extended to this location. It was bright as day, but no one could open this door.

Holding a hand-drawn map, Susan said, “We are now in this location. This door in the tomb is called the escape door and is very hidden! It was mostly built secretly by tomb builders to escape being buried because some tomb owners didn’t want the secrets of their tombs to be known, and after digging the tomb, they killed people.”

Alex said, “So it is that dangerous to build a tomb.”

Susan pointed at Kenneth. “Master Sunder, I’ll leave this door to you.”

The stone door, too, was made of gloomy bloodstone. To use brute force to destroy it was indeed a bit difficult.

Alex also wanted to see if this Kenneth had the ability or not.

Kenneth went close to the stone door and pounded. No one had a clue what he was doing. Then, the stone door immediately issued a click and slowly opened to the side.

“Badass!” Alex gave a thumbs up to Kenneth.

At the same time. At the corner of the makeshift room, which was initially an empty place, an old man in black slowly emerged. He looked at the deep well in the passage tomb not far away and smiled meaningfully.

Strangely enough, Azure and the others did not even notice the presence of this black-clad old man.


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