The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2426

Chapter 2426 

Zephir helped Daisie to sit. Seeing her pale face, he asked, “Are you alright, Daisie?” 

Daisie did not say anything. 

Zephir turned around and looked gloomily at Zoey, causing her to take a few steps back in fear. She said, I… I didn’t push her. She fell down herself. It wasn’t my fault.” 

Daisie suddenly got up from the floor. She walked toward Zoey and slapped her across the face, causing her head to turn sideways. 

Zoey froze. She touched her red, swollen cheek in disbelief and said, “You slapped me?” 

Just when she was going to retaliate, Daisie grabbed her wrist and kicked her, sending her plopping to the floor. Zoey screamed out in pain and said, “Daisie, are you crazy!?” 

Zephir did not step in. 

Daisie looked at her. “Am I crazy? If something happens to the kid in my womb, can you afford the consequences, Zoey?” 

The red welt on Zoey’s cheek was getting more and more prominent. She gnashed her teeth and said, ” Who knows if you really are pregnant or not…” 

Daisie had never responded to the rumor that said she was pregnant. Nobody knew if she was really pregnant or not, and everyone was just speculating. 

Since Daisie had not admitted it, nobody dared to say anything. 

Daisie grabbed her by her collar and said with a dark expression, “If I lose my kid, I’ll make your life worse than death. I’ll make you pay for everything you did today. Just wait for it.” 

She pushed her away and turned around. 

Zephir stood there for a while before leaving with Daisie. 

In the corner, a paparazzo caught Daisie slapping Zoey in her face on his camera. His eyes glowed with excitement as he was certain this piece of news would be a big hit. 

When they were in the car park, Zephir called out to Daisie. She stopped in her tracks but did not turn her head around. 

He went in front of Daisie and asked, “Are you alright?” 

Daisie raised her head and said calmly, “I’m fine. You should go check out your girlfriend.” 

Zephir frowned. “Girlfriend? Who is my girlfriend?” 

“Isn’t Zoey your girlfriend?” 

“No. Who told you that she’s my girlfriend?” 

“I don’t care if she’s your girlfriend or not. It’s none of my business. I just want to thank you for saving me today, Zephir. I might have already lost my kid if it were not for you. But I won’t let Zoey go so easily for what she did today. If she does something like this again next time, I won’t go easy on her.” 

Without waiting for Zephir to say anything, Daisie left without turning her head back. 

Zephir stood frozen stiff on the spot as disappointment filled him whole. 

He turned around to look at Daisie, and he did not know why but had a feeling that their relationship was 

beyond fixing. 

That’s right. Both of them had changed. He was no longer his former self, and the same applied for Daisie 

The next day, all social media platforms were filled with the news of Daisie slapping Zoey. The person who recorded the whole incident uploaded the video onto the Internet. In the video, Daisie did not go easy on Zoey at all as she slapped her across her face with all her might. 

#Honestly, don’t you think Daisie is a bit overreacting?# 

#Zoey is a b*tch. I’ve hated her since the first day. She has never done anything good, and she deserves it. 

#This is so ridiculous. When Zoey criticized Daisie, everyone scolded her. But no one is saying anything when Daisie slapped Zoey across the face? What’s going on with this world?# 

Everyone thought the netizens would be criticizing Daisie, but in reality, most of the people were standing on Daisie’s side. 

Then, Zoey published her “injury” and a report from the hospital on Facebook as evidence that Daisie had slapped her. 

Her fans were infuriated and asked her to report to the police. 

However, Zoey played the victim, saying on her Facebook that she would not report to the police as they would not be able to do anything against Daisie since she had a big background. 


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