The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1503



Alex and the others entered through the opened escape door in the tomb. Before they had the chance to see the environment inside, suddenly, the tomb door that Kenneth had just opened, slammed shut automatically. The surroundings that were just as bright as daylight instantly darkened, and no fingers could be seen.


“Why is the door closed?”

“Who closed it?”

“Not me, I did not touch it.”

“Not me either…”

In the dark, there were only voices, but no one could be seen.

Alex and Dorothy were both cultivators. One was at the core formation stage, and the other was at the half core formation stage. So even if they entered a completely dark space, they could still perceive the surrounding environment through their spiritual sense. At this moment, the two released their spiritual sense but surprisingly found that the spiritual sense did not work. Not to mention the dozens of meters around the body, even if someone were just in front of them, they would not sense that person at all.

“Formation boundary!”

“This place has some supernatural power to create another small space!”

Alex instantly realized the root of the problem. The next second, the light came on from Zayne’s torchlight.

With the light of the flashlight, everyone could finally see something in front of their eyes.

Immediately after, several people’s flashlights were lit up, and there was even a self-generated headlamp like a searchlight. The room’s brightness immediately increased by several levels. Everyone saw the stone door opened by Kenneth, tightly closed again, and until this time, everyone found something above the stone door.

“Master Sunder, can you reopen the tomb door?” Susan asked with calmness and entered with confidence.

“No problem!” Kenneth laughed and said, “Some techniques are needed to enter this escape door from the outside. To exit from the inside, there must be a mechanical device. Once one finds the mechanism, the door could be easily opened.”

Everyone was relieved to see how easy he said it.

But then, Kenenth searched behind the tomb door for a long time but did not find any useful device. Not to mention the pull ring wrench and so on, even the small round holes were not available.

“Could it be related to these patterns on the door?” Quincy said.

With the light, everyone saw strange patterns carved on the door. On both sides were two odd-looking animals, and in the middle was a large round flower, the flower was composed of many unintelligible words and symbols as if it was stating something important.

“The animals carved on both sides are tomb-beasts, and this flower in the middle. I don’t know. I’ve never seen it before.” Susan said, “I think, to open this door, it must be related to this flower, and I need to decipher what these symbols mean.”

Kenneth nodded, “I think so too. That’s why the tomb’s design is perverted, always doing some new tricks.”

At this moment.

Dorothy said, “There is no need to study this flower. Even if you study it thoroughly, you would not be able to open this door. This is a dead door, only to enter and no exit. This is also not the escape door designed by the tomb builder, but to kill all those trying to come in from the outside here.

Everyone was shocked when they heard that.

Princess Fleur asked, “Aunt, how do you know?”

Dorothy pointed at the flower, “It’s written on it. It’s an ancient script and a rune. The flower is not meaningless, but a formation diagram, a killing formation diagram.”

Zayne looked at Dorothy in surprise. “You understand the ancient script, and you know the formation diagram?”

Freya and others also looked over, initially thinking that Alex’s ‘aunt’, came down just to pretend, to fool around, and would beat a retreat when she saw the danger, but she never thought that she even knew such profound things.

Dorothy replied, “I know a little.”

Princess Fleur answered nervously, “This is the door of death to kill people. So, next is the killing technique?”

She had just finished speaking when everyone heard a rustling sound.

“What’s that sound?”

“It seems like it is coming from the back!”


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