The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1505

Maya pushed a little harder, and the ugly Quincy was pushed to the ground.

Quincy was angry as he thought, ‘Are you sick? I am kind enough to save you. You are not only ungrateful but also dare to push me down? Well, I will see how you will die later. If I were to try to save you, I am not Zoppins!’

Although this guy had lived in Rockefeller’s Manor for a day, Holly took care of him. He did not see other people, so he was completely unaware of Maya’ s terror.

At this moment, he turned back to look at Maya and saw her rushing to the front of the crowd alone to face those horrible luminescent bugs. It was as if Quincy was struck by lightning as he thought, ‘Retard, you are looking for death!’

However, in the very next moment. He was then completely stunned by the image in front of him.

He felt that the temperature around his body dropped rapidly. Just now, it was more than twenty degrees. In an instant, it had fallen to below zero. He felt like he had fallen into an ice cellar, and those raindrops of luminescent bugs, which were about one meter before Maya, had stopped flying.

It was like they encountered a spider’s web that could not be seen with the naked eye.

The luminescent bugs were stuck on the web.

A sound was heard.

That was a rapid freezing sound. At least hundreds of fist-sized luminescent bugs froze in mid-air. None could move. The next second, they were like scattering beans, crackling and falling to the ground.

Maya again pushed her hand down. All the frozen bugs shattered into pieces.

There was dead silence!

Everyone looked at the ground.

Even Alex was a little surprised as he was not expecting that Maya’s silver frost skill to have become so powerful to this extent.

One had to know that her silver frost technique was still based on Alex’s nameless method of purification, which she had adapted. Even he was not quite sure to what extent he could cultivate it, and with Maya’s show of combat power at this time, he really needed to ponder.

As for Quincy, his mouth was wide open. Then, Susan, Freya, Kenneth, and the others were so astonished they were speechless.

If one said that Aunt Rockefeller traveled together, everyone would feel that this woman might have some strength. As for Maya and Princess Fleur, everyone thought that these people were passengers and tourists here to visit. Now, they were trapped here, which was purely due to their sins. If they were to encounter any dangers, these two placeholders would be the first to die.

However… They were wrong!

What they thought was a placeholder that wasn’t even a bronze was a king. Loud clapping sounds were heard.

Princess Fleur clapped her hands and looked at Maya enviously. “Maya, you are getting really stronger now. If I were to fight you, I might not even last three minutes.”


Susan and the others were once again shocked.

Maya was so strong to such a degree that this Fleur said that she would last no more than three minutes. Did that mean she could survive two minutes? That was also considered very strong! Not to mention Susan, even Quincy’s heart wailed, ‘If it were me, I might not even last three seconds. She just has to hold out her hand, and I will be like those luminescent bugs on the ground.’

‘How could the women around this Rockefeller kid be so unbelievable?’

At this moment, Alex directed his flashlight at a spot. He took a few steps forward and saw some rusty iron on the ground and other decaying clothes. He poked around with his foot and saw a few teeth.

“Before we came in, someone should have been here. The previous people left these behind.” Alex said.

Several other people went up to check.

Zayne nodded. “The luminescent bugs could have poisoned these people.”

Quincy looked at Maya and Princess Fleur with complicated emotions in their eyes. He had initially thought that after going down this tomb, he would have the opportunity to get close to these two stunning beauties, but after Maya showed her hand, his courage diminished.

Carefully going around the dead luminescent bugs on the ground, he told Zayne, “Brother, how could these luminescent bugs be so big? It’s the first time I‘ve seen such a big one in my life. It’s so scary.”

Susan analyzed, “Maybe because they have consumed human blood before!”

Freya shook her head. “No, there is yin energy here. These bugs are filled with yin energy. I’m afraid they are sucking yin energy as nutrients.”


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