The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1510

Alex and the others’ mouths twitched as they felt goosebumps all over upon hearing it.

Waltz struck her palm backhandedly with a surge of Chi. “Take your senior and head to the back. Don’t get in the way here.”

A gush of force pushed away from the two disciple brothers.

Freya said, “I need to stab the golden eyed Golden Zombie’s heart with the Dragon Soul Wood, but he’s too fast. I need help. ”

Alex asked, “Can’t I help you to stab it?”

Freya shook her head. “You can’t. I have to stab this Dragon Soul Wood myself. It’s useless if others do it.”

After a pause, she continued, “But, you can help me to stab it together!”

During their conversation, zombie Caesar had attacked dozens of times. Its eyes shot a golden light, and its body was filled with a murderous aura.

“Silver Frost, Absolute Freeze!”

Maya was the first person to use the ultimate move.

Then Waltz… Waltz’s Moon of the Nine Revolutions had a little effect. Once she activated Moon of the Nine Revolutions, the zombie seemed to be even more agitated. In the end, she could only retreat to one side.

“You people go away! Let me do it!”

It was Dorothy.

Her Fiery Phoenix Bow was drawn into a full moon. The fiery red phoenix brought along an indomitable attack with a loud shriek and ferociously hit the zombie Caesar’s body that was temporarily frozen.

Dorothy said, “What’re you waiting for? Hurry up!”

In the next moment, Alex hugged Freya’s waist with one and grabbed the Dragon Soul Wood with another hand while making a stomp with his foot.


A large crater was formed on the green stone under his feet from the stomp. The two people’s bodies soared high.

Freya’s hands tightly held the Dragon Soul Wood as well.

“Stab it!”


The one meter long Dragon Soul Wood that was as thick as an arm was ferociously stabbed into the golden eyed Golden Zombie’s heart.

The zombie howled to the sky. It made its final struggle by slamming its hands fiercely, throwing Alex and Freya into the air.

Alex slammed into the wall hard as his hair and face were covered in dust. However, Freya floated in mid-air.

It turned out that after the Dragon Soul Wood was inserted into the zombie’s heart, a burst of rumbling thunder sounds was heard, and there was even a series of dragon’s howls in between. A dragon’s phantom appeared in mid-air and supported Freya steadily.

“May all those who preside over warriors be my vanguard!”

Freya bit her fingers and created a seal with her blood, drawing a hexagram in the void.

Finally, it condensed into a blood talisman.

With a wham, it was pressed onto the Dragon Soul Wood.


The zombie let out an earth shattering roar.

The entire underground space trembled, and there were even crushed stones falling.

In the blink of an eye, the zombie lost the last of its vitality and turned into a pool of dust.

“Hurry up and go. This place is going to collapse!”

“But, there’s no way out ahead!”

“Retreat to the passage, hurry. The stones there are sturdy and won’t fall!”

Alex immediately picked up Kenneth’s broken arm while Freya retrieved her Dragon Soul Wood before hurriedly escaping back to the passage.


In the next moment, the entire hall where they were still in battle earlier collapsed.

When the crowd turned around and looked back again, they were instantly shocked. The hall was gone, but a bloody river appeared below.

However, at this moment,

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

Clapping sounds were heard behind Alex as an unfamiliar man’s voice spoke. “Not bad, not bad. William Rockefeller’s son, you didn’t let me down!”


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