The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2434

Chapter 2434 

Cameron slightly raised her eyebrows, and her smile intensified. “So, are you saying that your grandmaster is someone who can provide me with a decent challenge?” 

She seemed to have a keen intuition for martial arts experts. The grandmaster behind this fellow was definitely not some random martial arts practitioner. 

“That’s another reason for me to meet him.” 

Just as Cameron was about to walk up to the disciple, she suddenly sensed the strong killing intent coming from the shadows. She immediately stopped moving forward and turned to look at the group of people standing across from the attic. 

Their clothes were not the same as that of the martial arts disciple, and Cameron had not seen their faces in the martial arts training center so far. 

At first glance, their black uniforms looked familiar, and Cameron felt like she had seen them somewhere before this. 

“Dylan, you shouldn’t be so rude to our guests.” A figure came down from upstairs. The man was standing against the light, and he looked slender and tall. His turtleneck was made of cotton and linen, which looked simple and neat, and it was covered by a handmade sheepskin vest, which made him look extremely elegant. 

He had a crew cut, and a letter “Z” could be seen shaved on his temporal hair, and the black diamond earrings located at the helix of his ear were extremely dazzling. 

When he completely stopped at the stairwell, the light behind him faded away, and a delicate face that was giving off a wicked aura appeared. 

The disciple, whose name was Dylan Styles, quickly retreated and stayed behind him. “Grandmaster, it’s her. She’s the person that we mentioned to you.” 

“Are you the grandmaster?” Daisie was a little shocked. 

‘Shouldn’t most of the grandmasters of martial arts training centers look a little more mature? This is my first time seeing such a young grandmaster.‘ 

Cameron narrowed her eyes, staring at him with a somewhat inquisitive gaze. Before the other party said anything, Cameron started approaching him. 

Dylan immediately stopped her. “What do you plan to do to our grandmaster? You’ll never be allowed to act presumptuously in front of our grandmaster!” 

With a backhand strike, Cameron pushed him away like he was a toy and stopped in front of the grandmaster. “You look very familiar. Have we met elsewhere?” 

Both Daisie and Dylan were taken aback, staring at the both of them. 

The grandmaster smiled. “It’s rumored that the young heir of the Southerns who traveled here all the way from the East Islands is a woman. I didn’t believe it at first. I wasn’t sure that it was you until I saw the Southerns‘ martial arts moves you used to beat Conroy Selfridge last time.” 

“You are…” Cameron crossed her arms and frowned. She was then slightly startled after thinking for a moment. “Nick Wickam?” 

Nick was still smiling. “I didn’t expect ‘Mr.‘ Southern to still remember me.” 

Cameron scratched her cheeks, turned around, walked toward Daisie, and said in a low voice, “Let’s get 

out first.” 

The two wanted to leave, but the group of people who were originally on the opposite end of the attic had already appeared in front of them at some point, blocking their way. 

Nick’s voice came from behind. “Aren’t you looking for me? Why are you leaving so soon?” 

Cameron turned her head, looked at him, and forced a smile. “Doesn’t it look like I’m afraid that you’ll avenge yourself and get innocent people implicated?” 

Nick’s smile became more reserved. “Don’t worry, my grievances with you won’t get the innocents implicated. Not to mention that I’m not that kind of person.” 

Those words undoubtedly connoted Cameron’s involvement in a matter or two, but Cameron was the only person who knew what it meant. 

She chuckled. “You’re no longer running your business in Southeast Eurasia but came to Bassburgh and started a martial arts training center. I’m guessing that all is well? And you should have taken in a lot of apprentices, right?” 

He nodded. “Compared to the Southern Clan, my training center is nothing.” 

Cameron took a deep breath and then continued. “Daisie, you should go home first. There are some personal matters that I have to discuss with Mr. Wickam.” 

“Can you handle it by yourself?” Daisie was worried about her. 

Cameron patted her on the shoulder. “Don’t worry. I’ll know what to do.” 

Daisie pursed her lips, turned around, and hurriedly left the scene. 

After Daisie left the center, Cameron walked to the couch, sat down, picked up a teacup, and fiddled with it. “I’m really sorry for making a mess at your property last time, but you can’t blame me for that, right? That kid deserved it. So, Mr. Wickam, you wouldn’t plan to make my life difficult just because of that kid, would you?” 


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