The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1511

Everyone was shocked.

After turning their heads to take a look, they saw an old man dressed in a black medieval robe.

The person had gray hair, but he had a fierce look. His cultivation base was not prominent, but his eyes were blazing radiantly. After meeting his eyes, one would be shaken up and feel an inexplicable panic.

“Who are you? How did you come in?” Alex asked.

The old man laughed and did not answer him. However, as his figure shook, dozens of phantoms were raised, as if they were nighttime ghosts. They looked terrifying in the passage of this underground tomb.

“Alex, be careful! ”

Dorothy immediately made her move to intercept the old man.

The dozens of phantoms were illusions. Only one was real, but the real one lunged toward Alex quickly. It raised its huge hand and wanted to grab Alex’s neck.


Dorothy was extremely fast too.

Both parties’ palms met in the air.

Dorothy had the dignified cultivation of Core Formation, yet she was forced to retreat from the palm strike. The old man also paused for a while as he was astonished… Clearly, he did not expect that a woman like Dorothy would have such great martial arts skills.

Meanwhile, Alex was not a wooden dummy. He had long condensed his spiritual power and threw a punch.


Alex’s punch firmly hit the old man’s chest. Never did he expect that it would let out a loud, bronze bell-like sound.

In an instant, Alex felt a burst of rebounding energy. He was scatterbrained.

Just at this moment, the old man grunted and kicked Alex hard in the stomach… This kick was as heavy as a load of forty thousand pounds. Alex felt as if he was hit by a train. His body shot away like a cannonball and slammed into a wall.


The Mystic Armor on his body activated. He was forcibly resisting the kick.

The impact had made a crater on the wall.

However, he was unscathed.

The Force’s ability to take a beating was unparalleled in the world.

Darven and the others, who saw the few swift actions, were dumbfounded. They were too fast and strong. These people’s battle powers far surpassed them. Even if they had the intention to help them, they would not be able to do so.

“Fair Maiden’s Storm Fist!”

“Fair Maiden’s Graceful Kick!”

“Fair Maiden’s Lush Punch!”

Dorothy was furious. As the strength of Core Formation exploded, she made spontaneous moves at the old man. This set of martial skills was not only powerful, but the key point was that they looked attractive as well, causing several men to watch her dumbfoundedly.

However, the old man felt awful. After receiving consecutive attacks, his body made continuous sounds of a bronze bell.

The old man’s eyes were filled with astonishment. Never did he expect that Dorothy’s attacks would be so strong. If it weren’t for the treasure tool protecting his body, he would have been beaten to death.

This woman was too terrifying. She was even stronger than William Rockefeller!

“W-who the hell are you?”

Dorothy did not answer him.

Quincy laughed heartily. “Old fart, do you carry a bell on your back? If you can’t defeat her, hurry up and kneel to beg for her mercy. What are you cocky for? If you know William Rockefeller, how could you not know his sister?”

“What? You’re William Rockefeller’s sister?” The old man’s expression changed abruptly.

Just at this moment, Alex pressed his finger against him.

“Brahma’s Supreme Touch!”


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