The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1512

Wham! The old man hurriedly dodged it.

A large crater created by the finger was now in place at the spot where the old man was standing earlier, sending chills down his spine. Then, he turned around and went behind Freya like a ghost to grab her. “Stop!”

The scene instantly quieted down.

With a ‘poof’, the old man spat a mouthful of bloody foam and said, “Damn, I almost failed the simple task miserably. William Rockefeller’s son actually has such a capability. It looks like he didn’t deceive me. You, Rockefellers, aren’t easy for sure.”

Alex took a glance at Freya who had been captured. For a moment, he was reluctant to act against the old man.

Most importantly, he did not know what. the old man wanted to do. “Sir, do you know my dad?”

The old man was upset. “Of course, I know him. Your unscrupulous father had lied and tricked a priceless treasure out of me. Then, he disappeared from the world!”

“He tricked a treasure out of you?”

Alex was startled for a brief moment as his expression turned strange. “When did it happen?”

The old man said, “It’s about a year ago.”

“Specifically when?”

“It was mid October last year! Why are you asking this? Damn, I thought that he was widowed and became a loner after his wife’s death. I didn’t expect that he still has you, the son…”

Having said this, he looked at Dorothy again in fear. “He even has such a strong sister. I’m really surprised. Which Rockefeller family is your Rockefeller family from? Is it the Rockefeller family from the eight great royal families?”

It seemed that the old man did not know about Alex’s affairs.

Judging from his attitude, he had not reached the extent of fighting to his last gasp.

“Sir, you are trying to find my father and get back that piece of treasure?” Alex asked.

“Of course, that’s the key treasure in my West Yukon!”

He was furious. “For your father’s sake, I had stolen it from the female sect leader’s room. Your unscrupulous father had dared to do this to me. He disappeared from the world after stealing the item from me, so I don’t even dare to return to the entrance of West Yukon.”


Alex and Dorothy looked at each other. “I must clarify one thing. First, my mom is not dead and still alive. Secondly, my dad is missing. I’m suspecting that it has something to do with this large tomb.”

Just at this moment, Zayne spoke. “Sir, could it be that you’re Trevon Lambert, the Peak Lord of Clarion Peak in West Yukon?”

“Who are you? How did you know me?”

Zayne was shocked.

He thought that William Rockefeller must have listened to his instigation to cheat West Yukon’s key treasure out of him because they encountered a hazardous situation when they went to the tomb back then. He casually mentioned that West Yukon had a key treasure called the Celestial Clothes, and if he ever wanted to acquire the Celestial Clothes, Trevon would be the best target for the breakthrough.

At the time, he had just simply mentioned it, but he did not expect that William really did it and brought it over.

“Cough, cough. I just heard about it somewhen. I didn’t expect it to be really you, sir!”

Waltz next to him winked.

She could understand that the old man from West Yukon whatsoever was a bit dumb. He was miserably deceived by her father-in-law and somehow managed to find them here, but he looked gullible.

She immediately said, “Sir, my father-in-law didn’t deceive you. He ran to this tomb after taking your treasure, but he’s stuck in there and can’t get out. We came to find him. If you want to find your treasure, you can come with us. When we’ve found my father-in-law, he’ll return the treasure to you for sure.”

The old man glanced at the bloody dark river that appeared after the collapse at the other side. He seemed to be hesitating.

In the end, he took out a pill and forcibly stuffed it into Freya’s mouth. “Hehe, alright. But, other than getting back my treasure, I still want something else.”


“The key to unlocking the secret realm. This is something that your father once promised me.”

Alex blinked. “Alright.”

The grip around Freya’s neck loosened. She coughed a few times and asked coldly, “What did you feed me?”

Trevon said, “Oh, it‘s something good. Hehe, this is the Witch Cult’s pill of seven poisons. Don’t worry. I’ll give you the antidote as soon as I get back the key treasure and the key.”


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