The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1515

Trevon’s words made several people look at him once again.

Zayne asked, “Sir Lambert, do you know something?”

At this moment, Trevon, who was sitting on the ground, seemed to have difficulty even getting to his feet.

After taking a glance at Dorothy, he snorted and said, “Indeed, I know. But, why should I tell you people?”

Having said that, he naturally wanted to use it as a threat to have Dorothy remove the seal on him. However, he had miscalculated Dorothy’s approach.

Dorothy said coldly, “Since you’re not going to talk, you’re useless then!”

The ghastly, long sword in her hand that was obtained from the zombie Caesar made rumbling sounds.


The sword’s cold tip became a pointy cold star and pierced through Trevon’s throat.

“Ah, no, no!”

At first, Trevon was still calm while waiting for Dorothy to take the initiative and offer him the conditions. Never did he expect that her approach was to kill himself right away. The ice cold sword intent engulfed its entire body. The moment the sword tip pierced through the skin of his throat, his eyes widened as he stared at her. He really could not believe that Dorothy would do this.

“You… How dare you try to kill me? I was just casually speaking,” Trevon said.

“Then, say it quickly now before I really kill you!”

Trevon was startled. Only then did he realize that he still had not died.

Dorothy’s sword had just pierced his throat’s epidermal skin. He had the misconception of his death earlier, resulting from the penetration of the cold blade into the skin. Meanwhile, Dorothy said coldly, “You only have one chance. If you keep dawdling, I’ll kill you with a slash of the sword! We can still get in there without you. ”

This time, Trevon spoke honestly. He hurriedly said, “No, no, no. I’ll tell you now, I’ll say anything…”

As the old man touched the sword wound on his neck, he felt a handful of blood. When he thought about it, he was still a little afraid. ‘This lady is really evil-minded!’

“Rockefeller brat, when your father borrowed the treasure of Yukon from me, he mentioned a limerick to me. Its content is, ‘the bloody river flows through the netherworld, Caesar’s tomb guards the west, the Goddess of Mercy sits down in her skirt, the Genbu carries the green sky on its back.’”

Upon hearing it, everyone frowned.

Quincy said, “What the heck is this? And, what’s with the Goddess of Marcy’s skirt? This can’t be some lewd poem, right? Who made it up? I’ve been to this large tomb, but why haven’t I heard of it before?”

Susan gently snorted as she said, “That’s why being uncultured isn’t terrible. What’s terrible is that someone is uncultured, yet he still wants to show off. Is this to show your naivety?”

Quincy furiously said, “B*tch, if you hadn’t hooked up with William Rockefeller, I would have dumped you ages ago. You’re such a hindrance. I don’t even know what the use of having you around is. It’s simply a burden to bring you along.”

“Huh?” Waltz and Maya were stunned as they hurriedly looked at Susan.

Alex had not told them about the story between Susan and William. It was reasonable for them to be shocked at this moment.

Waltz could not hold her temper any longer, so she immediately asked, “Is what you said real? She and my father-in-law had… That kind of relationship?”

Quincy said, “Why not? Without this relationship, she wouldn’t have survived long.”

Waltz and Maya’s expressions became cold. In terms of emotions, they would definitely side with Brittany Rockefeller.

Susan was tantamount to Brittany’s love rival. They certainly would not like a third wheel’s interference. Maya frowned and asked Alex, “Bro, do you know about it?”

Alex said, “I’m too lazy to care about my dad’s romantic adventures. We’ll talk about it when we find him! Susan, according to you, there’s some secret hidden in this limerick, right?”

Susan said, “Your dad wouldn’t mention this poem for no reason. Liking this bloody, dark river, I think it’s most likely to be a mnemonic that will guide us to the final location! ‘The bloody rivers flow through the netherworld.’ Indeed, it looks like the correct path, but what lies ahead is certainly not simple and it’s filled with lots of dangers.”

Zayne nodded. “That’s right. Caesar’s golden eyed zombie hasn’t been included in the limerick too. This shows that it isn’t the most dangerous, but there’s an even greater trial later.”

Upon uttering such words…


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