The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2439

Chapter 2439 

Cameron took a sip of tea. “It’s okay. I have the time.” 

Dylan rolled his eyes, seeing that she was going to stay here. “Just what do you want? Our grandmaster has already promised not to retaliate against you, so don’t push your luck.” 

Cameron crossed her legs. “I’m here to make an offer, and you’re saying that I’m pushing my luck. What’s wrong with you? Are you making a lot of money? Even if you despise me, at least show money a tad bit of respect.” 

Dylan was startled. “What do you mean by that?” 

She waved her hand. “You won’t understand even if I explain everything to you. Now go and get Nick to come out and meet me.” 

Dylan wanted to say something else, but a middle–aged man’s voice came from upstairs. “Dylan, let Ms. Southern through.” 

Dylan curled his lips and said reluctantly, “Please come with me.” 

“That’s more like it.” Cameron stood up with a smile, turned her head around, and said to Daisie, “Wait for me here.” 

Daisie nodded. 

Cameron went upstairs and came to Nick’s office. 

Nick had just made coffee and walked to the couch with the coffee and sat down. “What do you want from me?” 

After Cameron sat down, she took a glance around the room. “I only want to discuss something with you.” He paused and lifted his gaze. 

Cameron looked at him and gave off a grin. “Your place is located in a phenomenal location.” 

Nick put down the cup. “What are you trying to say?” 

“Why don’t you cooperate with me and-” 

“Don’t even think about it.” He refused immediately. 

Cameron choked on her reply. “I haven’t even finished my sentence yet!” 

“I don’t even have to wait until you finish. Isn’t it obvious that you’ve taken a fancy to this location and are trying to get your hands on my training center?” He then scoffed. “Mr.‘ Southern… Oh, my bad, it’s Ms. Southern now. Are you telling me that you’re short of funds to set up a martial arts training center?” 

“Theoretically, I don’t lack the funds, but there’s a lack of good locations.” Cameron got up, walked up to him, and sat down beside him. 

Nick stared at her with a hint of surprise flashing across his eyes, but she did not care. “So, why don’t we work together? Look, after all, we’re acquaintances. Why give the opportunity to some outsiders when you can give it to someone that you know? Am I right?” 

Nick laughed abruptly and looked at her. “You’re really competent when it comes to planning for the future.” 

She raised her eyebrows. “What do you think?” 

Nick got up and walked aside. “Still, I won’t accept the proposal.” 

Cameron stood up and walked toward him. “But why? Wait a minute. You don’t even plan to listen to my offer?” 

He turned to look at her. “If you plan to take advantage of somebody, find someone like the eldest son of the Goldmanns. Why would you come to me with this plan? What makes you think that this is the suitable thing to do?” 

Cameron choked on her own words. 

‘I do want to take advantage of him, but Nick putting it forward so bluntly really makes things sound so bad. 

Nick turned to face her. “When you were still the young male heir of the Southerns, would you even come to me asking for a collaboration? And would you give out a share of your pie to someone else? 

“However, I can understand why you want to form a collaborative relationship now. After all, you were never a man that had a spine in the first place. From what I can see, you want to work together only. because you’ve taken a fancy to the location of this place, but you don’t really plan to set up a martial arts. training center, do you?” 

Cameron’s expression turned slightly restrained, and she frowned. “What do you mean by that?” 

Nick snorted, laughed out loud, and turned around. “You’ve chosen to be with a man from the Goldmanns. They’re from a family full of entrepreneurs and businessmen, so everything is about profit. Is this location a place that you chose yourself or a location that they fancy? And why should I trust you?” 

Cameron instantly understood what he was trying to say. 

“It’s obvious that he thinks that I’m not the person who’s interested in this location, but someone from the Goldmanns.‘ 

Cameron crossed her arms and felt amused. “Do you think I’ve come here on behalf of the Goldmanns? And I’m doing so only because I want to purchase this land and not because I sincerely wish to work together with you?” 

He looked indifferent. “Who knows?” 

She suppressed her smile and took a deep breath. “The Goldmanns have a huge company in Bassburgh, so do you think they’d need a location like this? I do have the idea of setting up a martial arts training center here, and I indeed have my eyes fixed on this location. 

“I won’t force you if you don’t want to work with me, but don’t just go around crowning your thoughts over what others have in mind. My plan to cooperate with you has nothing to do with the Goldmanns.” 


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