The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2438

Chapter 2438 

Waylon held the back of her head and sealed her lips completely. 

Cameron was so infuriated that she wanted to bite him. However, as if he had known how she would react to his actions, he immediately pulled his lips away from her. 

Cameron grabbed a slipper and threw it at him. 

Waylon dodged the projectile by hiding behind the door, and the shoe flew by his body, missing its target. He then laughed out loud. “How are you still so adorable when you’re pissed?” 

“Wayne Goldmann, get lost!” 

After Waylon left, Cameron lay on the side of the bathtub, and her cheeks blushed. 

That fella must’ve bewitched me. Otherwise, how could I… How could I almost accept his suggestion earlier!? 

In the study room, Waylon sat behind the desk and read the materials that Leonardo had sent him. 

Nick Wickam, the owner of the martial arts training center, was considered quite a figure back in Southeast Eurasia. 

The Wickams had risen to fame in Southeast Eurasia. After Nick’s father, the patriarch of the family, retired from the army, he worked as an undercover drug agent for the police and helped them bust a drug operation, and he was then promoted. 

His mother, Wendy Woodward, was a lawyer, and his uncle, Bingham Woodward, owned a series of entertainment venues and had a huge network of connections. 

After graduating from the University of Chapstow, Nick ran an entertainment venue with his uncle, and among Bingham’s circle of connections was Sunny. 

Bingham had introduced Nick to Sunny. The latter believed Nick had the potential and decided to accept him as his apprentice. 

That was how Sunny became Nick’s master. 

Waylon leaned back in his chair, frowning slightly. 

‘It turns out Nick and Cameron have known each other for a long time.‘” 

And he had witnessed the match between Nick and Cameron. Nick’s skills were really good, and both learned martial arts from Sunny, so it was not surprising that Nick could see through Cameron’s moves. 

The next day… 

Cameron visited Daisie again and said she wanted to go to the training center again. 

After hearing that, Daisie was a little surprised. “Yesterday was so dangerous. Why would you still want to go back?” 

Cameron smiled and waved her hands. “It’s not dangerous at all. I actually know Nick very well.” 

Daisie was puzzled. “You guys know each other very well?” 

Cameron continued. “Yeah, my father is his master.” 

“His master is Mr. Southern?” Daisie was astonished. 

‘I thought that the “grievance” between Cameron and Nick was something serious before. After all that, it 

turns out that there’s no enmity at all?‘ 

Cameron rested her arm on her shoulders. “He’s the apprentice that my father took in from Southeast Eurasia. Once, I had a fight with his men and even demolished his property when I went to Southeast Eurasia on a trip. How would I know that the boss of those men is an apprentice of my father’s? 

“Since then, the grievance between us has never ended. Whenever I went to Southeast Eurasia, he’d do something to make my life difficult, and whenever he came to the East Islands, I’d do the same to him.” 

After saying that, she sighed. “I was young and presumptuous back then. I couldn’t beat him, but I wanted to provoke him for fun, so I did something that really pissed him off.” 

The corner of Daisie’s lips twitched. “What exactly did 

you do?” 

Cameron felt embarrassed and scratched her cheek. “I… I sent three trans women into his room…” 

Daisie inhaled sharply. “You did get away easy, as he didn’t beat you to death yesterday.” 

Dylan was very occupied in the lobby of the training center, so he did not even turn his head when he heard someone push the doors in. “Sorry, we’re closed for today.” 

“Yo, you’re still closed today?” 

Hearing a woman’s voice, Dylan turned his head around and saw Cameron, and his expression changed instantly. “Why is it you again?” 

Cameron walked up to the couch, sat down on her own, and picked up the teacup that was displayed on the table. “Where’s Nick? Tell him to come out quickly. I really have something to talk to him about this time around.” 

Daisie sat down too. 

Dylan crossed his arms. “Ms. Southern, please go home if you’re only here for leisure. The grandmaster is a busy man.” 


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