The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2437

Chapter 2437 

Nick nodded. “I look forward to that.” 

Waylon took Cameron away. 

After leaving the training center, Cameron broke free from his arms and looked at him. “Do you really 

know Nick?” 

Waylon stared at her face. “Aren’t you afraid that I’ll be jealous when you keep on mentioning another man in front of me?” 

Cameron choked on her own words. “You? Getting jealous? What’s there to be jealous of?” 

Waylon pressed her against the hood of the car, pinched her chin, and moved half an inch closer to her.” Are the both of you close?” 

She did not even hesitate for a moment before answering, “I wouldn’t consider us to be close.” 

Waylon was at a loss. He seemed helpless because she answered his question so confidently and did not seem to be lying. 

He rubbed the corners of her lips with his fingertips and lowered his head to kiss her, and Cameron immediately propped her hands against his chest. “There are people here- Mmmm!” 

Waylon clasped the back of her head with his palm, diminishing every single inch of gaps that existed between them. He then slowly opened his eyes, and his gaze flicked across the glass windows of the martial arts training center as if he knew someone was watching, but he did not mind being watched. 

Dylan looked at the two figures standing in front of the car and said, “What the hell!? They’re just shamelessly showing affection at the doorstep of someone else’s property.” 

Nick did not say anything, turned around, and went upstairs. 

At Emperon… 

The two figures were all over each other in the entryway. Waylon picked Cameron up and placed her on the shoe cabinet–the sudden quake shook the vase and caused it to fall onto the carpet. 

He covered her with his body without giving her any chance to mentally prepare herself. Cameron bit his shoulders and clenched her hands, which created creases on his shirt… 

After an unknown amount of time, Waylon wrapped himself around Cameron, who was naked at the moment, and they walked into the bathroom together. Cameron jerked him all of a sudden and dragged him into the bathtub. 

The water splashed in all directions. 

Waylon’s nightgown got soaked, and water droplets slid down his cheeks. Seeing this scene, Cameron could not help but laugh out loud. 

Waylon brushed his five fingers through her hair, pulled it back, and chuckled out of anger. “It seems that the lesson I just taught you isn’t enough?” 

Cameron snorted, turned her face away, and ignored him. 

Waylon slowly undid the belt of his nightgown, and Cameron was stunned. “What are you doing?” 

He lifted his gaze. “Didn’t you just invite me to join you?” 

Since when did I invite you in? Get out!” Cameron wanted to push him out of the bathtub. 

As soon as he withdrew his arms around her waist, Cameron was caught off guard and threw herself into his arms. “Are you still angry?” 

She froze for a moment, then struggled to sit up, “Wayne Goldmann, you’re so sure that I won’t kick your * ss, huh? That’s why you have the balls to bully me, right?” 

Waylon grinned and rubbed her cheek with his palm. “Why would you think that I’m bullying you?” 

“What you just did… How is that not called bullying?” 

His smile intensified. “What did I just do?” 

Cameron’s cheeks became warmer and warmer. She bit her lip and said nothing. 

‘I only got into a fight with Nick, didn’t I? I let what happened back in the car slide, but this fella didn’t even let me off after coming back home. 

‘But the point is, won’t this man get tired?‘ 

“But I really love bullying you so much, so what should I do about it?” Waylon sorted out the ends of her wet hair, left the bundle of hair on her back, and stared at her face. After saying that, he pressed his face against her ear. “Besides, that’s how I show my affection for you.” 

Cameron’s cheeks became even warmer. “Shut up.” 

Waylon kissed Cameron, which caused her body to tremble. She then gently pushed him away. “No, no way.” 

‘If this continues, I’ll die here.‘ 

He laughed. “Then will you still try to make me feel jealous after this?” 

Cameron frowned. 

‘Is this how he reacts when he’s jealous?‘ 

Waylon raised his eyebrows, waiting for her to answer the question. 

Cameron turned her face away. “Don’t use your jealousy as an excuse. You act like this no matter if you’re jealous or not.” 

‘He bullies me no matter what happens.‘ 

Waylon laughed out loud. “It seems that you already know me very well.” 

Cameron was so exasperated that she pushed him. “I want to take a bath now. You, get out now- Mmmm!” 


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