The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1513

Alex frowned. He immediately diagnosed Freya with his Third Eye. He never expected that this old man would have something to do with the members of the Witch Cult. However, it was not convenient for him to ask more at this time.

Meanwhile, Darven was shocked. “What? What you fed Miss Mayer was the Witch Cult’s pill of seven poisons? Oh my goodness, this thing has no antidote at all. The consumer will undoubtedly die. Even god won’t be able to save her.”

As soon as the old man said that, Freya’s face distorted.

Trevon coldly snorted. “What do you know? Who told you that there’s no antidote for the pill of seven poisons? In this world, there’s no poison without an antidote. I have the antidote for the pill of seven poisons with me. If you don’t believe me, you consume one too and then I’ll give it to you to cure it.”

Darven’s expression stiffened as he did not want to try it.

Alex asked Darven, “Do you know this kind of pill of seven poisons?”

Darven nodded.

He was the ancestor of poisons. Moreover, he had had contact with the pill of seven poisons before.

Alex’s expression turned grim.

On the other hand, Zayne said, “Lord Lambert, you’re really reckless. Miss Mayer has an unusual background. She’s a descendant of the Exorcist Dragons. If you have an antidote, you’d better hurry and take it out to cure her! Otherwise, the matter is going to get tough when the Mayers rush to West Yukon later.”

“Huh, what? This girl is a descendant of the Exorcist Dragons?” Trevon jumped in shock, and even his eyelids twitched violently. He looked at Freya and asked, “What’s your mother’s name?”

Freya unwillingly said, “My mother’s name is Martiny Mayer.”

Alex saw the corner of Trevon’s mouth twitch intensely. He thought, ‘Could it be that Martiny Mayer is some sort of remarkable figure?’

In the next moment, Trevon obediently took out an antidote and handed it over to Freya. He laughed and said, “I… It turned out that you’re her daughter. Haha, I had met your mother once and had a misunderstanding. This is the antidote. Hurry up and consume it!”

He was worried too.

Freya was the only daughter of the woman who was known as the strongest in the Exorcist Dragons, and she was the only descendant of the Exorcist Dragons. If something were to happen to Freya, that woman would rush to West Yukon and end it in a bloodbath.

However, just as Freya Mayer was about to consume the antidote, Alex shouted, “Don’t consume it!”

Freya Mayer was startled for a brief moment. “What’s going on?”

Alex shook his head and said, “This isn’t the antidote. This is poison. If you really consume it, you’ll truly die from the poison within half a minute. Even god won’t be able to save you then.”

Alex cured Freya’s chronic illness.

Hence, she was very confident of Alex’s medical skills. Upon hearing him, she immediately threw away the pill. Trevon was shocked. “Oh my, you can’t throw it away. This is the only antidote. It’d be gone if you throw it away! Rockefeller brat, don’t you cause trouble for me. This is the antidote for the pill of seven poisons.”

Darven shook his head. “This isn’t the antidote for the pill of seven poisons. This is a normal snake venom pill. But, this snake venom pill can catalyze the immediate onset of the pill of seven poisons. Once the person consumes it, he’ll be beyond salvation!”


“Where did this antidote of yours come from?”

Trevon was dumbfounded. “I got it from a branch master of the Witch Cult. He assured me that this is the antidote for the pill of seven poisons.”

Alex was speechless for a while.

Freya was a little nervous as she looked at Alex. “What will happen to me without the antidote?”

Alex did not say a word.

Darven said, “After consuming the pill of seven poisons, you will be able to live for another seven days. Seven days later, it will be incurable, and god won’t be able to save you.”


Trevon suddenly fell and sat on the ground. He was done for.

After killing Freya, West Yukon’s demise would not be far away. How would he explain it to the sect leader?


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