The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2436

Chapter 2436 

“Who told you that I’m someone who won’t admit defeat? I admit that Mr. Wickam is a decent match, so as the saying goes, all is fair when it comes to war. Mr. Wickam should know this too, shouldn’t he?” Cameron responded to Dylan’s accusation with confidence. 

Nick stood up slowly, covered his face with his palms, and chuckled after a short while. “I didn’t expect you to still be as cunning as ever. You even turned to this kind of trick.” 

Cameron stroked her sleeves unconcernedly, “I used to look down upon the usage of such tactics, but people change. I can only say that you’ve underestimated your foe.” 

Dylan was trembling with anger. “Y–You’re really shameless.” 

She sneered. “Shameless people are the invincible ones in the world.” 

‘Anyway, I learned it from Wayne.‘ 


Nick raised his hand to interrupt Dylan’s sentence, glanced at Cameron, and laughed. “You’re right. I underestimated my enemy and gave you a chance to play dirty.” 

“Then can we leave our grievances behind already?” 

He frowned and did not utter a single word. 

Dylan was on the verge of losing his cool. “You’re really pushing the limits here!” 

Cameron picked her ears and wrapped her arm around Nick’s shoulders naturally as if he was one of her buddies who had a close relationship with him. “Hey, your apprentice doesn’t seem to know his place very well, huh? Aren’t you going to say something about this?” 

Nick frowned slightly. 

His gaze was fixed on the arm that was lying on his shoulder. 

‘This is her usual style. She’s still acting like the ‘Mr.‘ Southern, the Overlord of the East Islands that I got to know back then. Still so frivolous, hippy, and acting in an unconventional, cruel, and ruthless style. That’s why she never left a great impression. It can be said that we’ve always been going against each other in all aspects of life. 

‘Cameron Southern of the East Islands has always made me loathe her. I don’t even think that being someone that she recognizes is worth showing off and feeling happy about. On the contrary, I hate being tied to her. 

‘I haven’t seen her in years, and I thought I’d never see her again. Although I’ve heard rumors about her from my acquaintances in the East Islands, I only thought it was ridiculous as rumors can’t be trusted. 

‘That was until the other day when Conroy got into trouble. I checked the surveillance footage from the training center and accidentally saw those familiar moves. That’s how I got a great deal of confidence in 

my guesses. 

‘Cameron Southern is indeed a woman.” 

Cameron.” A familiar voice came from behind, and Cameron trembled instantly and turned her head  slowly. 


No one knew when Waylon appeared in the center, and his gaze shifted from side to side, glancing  around the interior of the ring, and landed indifferently on her arm that was lying on Nick’s shoulder. 

At that moment, no one could clearly decipher the emotions shown on his face. 

“Have you been having fun?” 

She quickly withdrew her hand and smiled awkwardly. “It’s alright. It was indeed rather fun…” 

He raised his eyebrows unconcernedly. 

Cameron came to his side in a hurry and quickly changed her explanation. “Just kidding, it wasn’t fun at all. On the contrary, they were bullying me!” 

Dylan rolled his eyes. “We were bullying you? You’re obviously the one who bullied us. You even cheated when you were about to lose the fight, and you’re now trying to push the blame onto us? Just how shameless can you be? Hmph!” 

Cameron gnashed her teeth secretly, but her expression looked pitiful and wronged, as if she was innocent. 

Waylon lifted his gaze and looked at Nick. “Mr. Wickam, I’ve long heard of you.” 

Nick narrowed his eyes. “Do you know me?” 

Wayne wrapped his arms around Cameron’s waist as if he was declaring his sovereignty unintentionally. 

I know Cam, so it’s only natural for me to know a thing or two about you, Mr. Wickam.” 

Canteron was a little surprised and suspicious. 

‘I didn’t seem to tell him about my relationship with Nick, did I?‘ 

His explanation made sense to Nick, but his smirk looked a little enigmatic. “I see. It seems that ‘Mr.‘ Southern has mentioned me to you.” 

Just as Cameron wanted to deny it, Waylon pressed her into his arms. “I heard that you’re quite skilled, Mr. Wickam. If there’s a chance, I really want to see it for myself.” 


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