The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1514

Alex stared daggers at Darven. “Shut up. If you don’t know how to save her, it doesn’t mean that she can’t be saved. Don’t worry. I’ll save her. The problem is, we’ll have to get out first. ”

At the same time, Dorothy instantly made a move by pointing at Trevon’s acupoint in the chest center to seal his cultivation completely.


“Say it, how did you come in?”

“Are there any other entrances or exits around here?” Dorothy held a long sword by Trevon’s neck.

Now that Trevon’s cultivation had been sealed, he had been reduced to a prisoner. In addition, he felt extremely regretful after knowing that he had caused trouble. He cried, “I just came in together with you people! How could there be any other entrance?”


“Are you joking? How could we not know the number of people when we came in?” Quincy said coldly. He realized that he had the least sense of existence, and it slightly hurt his self-esteem. When there was a chance, he would say something to validate his existence.

Trevon said, “Why do I have to lie to commoners like you? When you people came down to the tomb, I followed in. It’s just that you wimps failed to realize that!”

Dorothy raised her brows. “Is it because of the magical treasure on your body? Take it out!”

Trevon’s expression stiffened. “Don’t even think about it!”


As the sword’s edge turned, a sword mark instantly appeared on Trevon’s neck. Blood slowly seeped out of it.

Trevon was terrified.

The Peak Lord of the Clarion Peak in West Yukon was also considered a big shot.

However, a person with such a status would be more likely to be afraid of death. Moreover, he still had many unfulfilled wishes.

He immediately raised his hands and surrendered. “Okay, okay. I’ll give it to you. I’ll give it to you!”

In the next moment, he grabbed a piece of spiritual tool out of his mind palace, it had the appearance of a bell.

Trevon cried and said, “This is an innate treasure, the Emperor Bell. It has the function of defense and temporary invisibility. Take it, take it. But, hurry up and remove the sword away from my neck.”

Dorothy gently snorted. “What Emperor Bell and innate treasure are you talking about? You really brag well. This is just a counterfeit item, but its effect of invisibility is great. I’ll accept it.”

They had made the matter of entrance and exit clear. However, the problem remained.

They still could not exit the area!

After encountering the resurrected Caesar statue that had turned into a zombie and even caused Kenneth to lose his right arm, many people had cold feet. For instance, Quincy wished dearly a doghole would appear right away so that he could squeeze through it to escape from this damned place.

Susan, Darven, and the others also realize that this place was getting more dangerous. It was not a place where they could mess around with.

At this moment, Alex connected Kenneth’s arm back with ease. He could only guarantee that the right arm would not be necrotized due to ischemia.

After going out of the place, he still had to perform more delicate surgery. As for the recovery percentage, it would depend on god’s will. However, it would be almost impossible to recover it to the former state.

Caesar’s body was full of corpse miasma, and the sword also contained a large amount of the corpse‘s negative energy. Hence, Kenneth’s wound was corrupted and received a certain degree of damage on the nerves and blood vessels. It was irreversible.

“Did you people encounter such a situation when you went to the tomb previously?” Dorothy asked Susan.

The answer was negative.

Freya said, “Last time, we clearly saw Caesar’s casket with his skeleton inside too. But, the golden eyed zombie we saw just now couldn’t be fake. That was created through the refinement of a living person. In other words, Caesar had been refined into a living zombie and was specifically guarding the hall earlier to forbid us from entering it. Then, whose skeleton did we see last time?”

Trevon suddenly said, “‘The bloody river flows through the netherworld, Caesar’s tomb guards the west.’ We can only go down this bloody river if we wish to know the answer.”


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